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Tax Deferred Accounts

Employees may contribute to a tax deferred annuity or account through payroll deduction. Such a plan allows employees to defer income tax until the money is withdrawn. Under current law, no state tax is payable on the money when employees withdraw it.

There are several types of tax deferred accounts available. A list of the options available is obtainable from Benefits. A comparison of available plans is on reserve in the WIU Library and is also available from Benefits. Schedule an appointment to see the Benefits Manager to learn more about tax deferred options 309/298-1853.

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Telecommunication/WESTEL Services

The campus switchboard is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday to provide staff, students, and the general public with University telephone information.

Inquiries concerning University telephone service can be made by calling 298-2713. A Telecommunications Approval Form must be completed with appropriate signatures and submitted through the appropriate channels when requesting a change of service or billing.

A Telecommunications Approval Form must be completed and submitted through the appropriate channels prior to purchasing telecommunications equipment, including telephones; WATS lines; cellular telephones; FAX machines; answering machines; leased radio, video and data lines. Campus departments are not allowed to purchase and/or attach non-authorized telephones and telecommunications equipment to the University's system.

All business-related long distance calls are placed by utilizing an authorization code assigned by Telecommunication Services. A written request must be received from the department head before an authorization code can be assigned or canceled. Long distance calls can be charged and authorization codes assigned to grant, local, bond, and appropriated accounts. Collect calls cannot be accepted and toll calls from a third number cannot be charged to University telephones.

Personal long distance calls can only be charged to personal credit cards. University authorization codes are not to be used for personal long distance calls.

Employees should report changes in on-campus addresses and telephone numbers to Telecommunication Services and Human Resources.

The University FAX Center located in Sherman Hall 22. The FAX number is 309/298-2400. Charges for facsimiles are automatically charged to the departmental telecommunication line item for the telephone call and to the contractual line item for the paper. Personal facsimiles are 5 cents per page plus the cost of the telephone call.

Cellular telephones are available from Telecommunication Services at $3.00 per day, plus air time and any long distance calls.

WESTEL is a reduced rate, long-distance service offered to all on-campus students including graduate and family housing residents. All charges are applied to the student's University account.

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(Also See Resignation and Retirement)

An employee may be dismissed during the probationary period with no appeal rights through the SUCSS (State Universities Civil Service System) Office in accordance with rule 250.110.g. An employee who has completed the probationary period may be discharged in accordance with SUCSS Rule 250.110.e and may file a grievance if so desired in accordance with University, BOT, and SUCSS guidelines and regulations.

Employees who terminate employment on the last scheduled working day prior to a holiday do not receive holiday pay as they cannot be considered as "employees in a status position" on the holiday.

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Time Cards

Time cards for Civil Service employees are completed online. Access to the time cards is located at by selecting the WIUP link in the upper right corner. Hours may be recorded to the one tenth hour (every 6 minutes).


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(SUCSS Rule 250.100 (b))

Employees may request a lateral transfer to another position in their current classification. Transfers are considered in addition to and compete with the top three applicants on the register when a vacancy occurs. Lateral transfers do not serve another probationary period. Employees should contact Human Resources if interested in such a transfer. Employees who are in probationary status are not permitted to request a lateral transfer unless it is approved by the Director of Human Resources.

An employee should normally notify their supervisor when they place their name on the transfer list so that the department will have an opportunity to prepare for the transfer, if and when it occurs, to avoid any severe impact on the operating efficiency of the department.

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Transportation Services

A number of cars, station wagons, 7-passenger mini-vans, 15-passenger vans, and 2 school buses are available to faculty and staff for official university business. Possession of the appropriate valid driver's license is required. Vehicles can be requested via the campus network or by submitting a vehicle request form to Auxiliary Services. The Garage is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. and on Saturdays from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. Chartered aircraft and bus services are also scheduled through Auxiliary Services.

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Tuition Waivers

(BOT II.C.7.h.)

Certified employees who qualify for educational benefits (see Educational Benefits) may apply for tuition waiver.

A "Request to Enroll" form may be obtained from Human Resources. Employees should complete the upper portion of the form and specify exact hours and days or vacation leave to make up hours missed during regular working hours due to class attendance.

The form must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor, department head, and the Director of Human Resources prior to the registration for classes for which the employee is requesting enrollment. Employees not in compliance may be responsible for payment of additional fees. Human Resources will route the request to the appropriate departments.

Permanent employees in 50-100 percent appointments are eligible for tuition waivers. Employees on probation may enroll in classes with their supervisor's approval. Employees on temporary layoff or temporary leave may also enroll in classes. Retirees are also entitled to tuition and fee waiver of three hours per semester. Contact Human Resources for more information 309/298-1971.

50% Undergraduate Child of a 7-Year Western Illinois University Employee Waiver - see Educational Benefits

For questions regarding the taxation of tuition waivers, please contact the Payroll Office 309/298-1867.

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