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(SUCSS 250.100(a))

Reassignment within a place of employment occurs when the employer reassigns an employee to any position of the same classification within a place of employment, subject to conditions imposed by the recognition of lesser units. A probationary employee so reassigned shall be required to complete the probationary period in the classification; a status employee shall not be required to serve any additional probationary time in the classification.

Reassignment shall be without prejudice to seniority in the classification or in the promotional line of which that classification is a part, subject to conditions imposed by recognition of lesser units.

All reassignments shall take precedence over any existing registers.

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Recreation for Employees and Families

Faculty, staff, and spouses may join the Student Recreation Center by purchasing a membership. The facility will allow members to utilize aerobics classes, the cardiovascular and weight training rooms, swimming pool, gymnasium, equipment checkout, meeting rooms, juice bar, pro-shop, playroom, racquetball court reservations, and locker and towel service.

All children at family recreation programs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Additionally, any child under sixteen must have an adult in their presence at all times in the same activity area. Age requirements will be enforced for specific rooms and equipment.

The 0. L. Champion Golf Course is located on Tower Road next to the University Farm. Faculty and staff rates for green fees are available for Civil Service employees on this nine-hole course.

Tennis courts on Murray Street (east of the Heating Plant Annex), Western Avenue (just west of Simpkins Hall), and University Drive (just west of Brophy Hall) are available for employee use whenever they are not being used by Physical Education, Athletics, or Campus Recreation.

Outdoor equipment rental and checkout is available at the Outdoor Adventure Center located in Western Hall 105. Please present a current ID to checkout or rent equipment.

For further information on any Campus Recreation program, the Student Recreation Center, or the Outdoor Adventure Center, please contact Campus Recreation at 298-1228.

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(SUCSS Rule 250.110)

The University requests that employees who are resigning give at least a two week notice to their supervisor and notify Human Resources for timely processing of resignation and any payouts. By emailing Human Resources - Employment indicating the last day of work and reason for resignation, a resignation form will be processed and the employee will be notified once it is ready for signature. 

No resignation is considered official until a signed form is accepted in Human Resources. A clearance form will be given to the employee upon acceptance of the resignation.  No final check will be issued by Payroll until a completed termination clearance sheet is received.

Holiday pay

Holiday pay is paid only if employees are in work status the day before a holiday, and continue employment after the holiday.

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Participation in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) provides disability, death and survivor, and retirement benefits. Employees may retire at any age without benefit reduction with at least 30 years of service credit. Employees may retire at age 62 with 5 years of service credit. Employees may retire at age 55 with at least 8 years of service credit. Employees who retire between the ages of 55 and 60 under the general formula, will have a reduction in benefits unless the employee and the employer make a one-time lump sum payment to buy out the discount and the employee retires on or before August 31, 1997. Retirement at age 60 or later is without benefit reduction based on age.

Lifetime retirement annuity is calculated three ways, and employees are paid the highest amount calculated. Call 298-1853 to schedule an appointment to explore retirement options.

To receive SURS benefits, employees must file an application. This application should be completed as soon as possible when benefits or refunds are needed.

Employees of WIU are not currently eligible for Federal Social Security employment credit; therefore, no Social Security tax is withheld from earnings. Employees beginning employment on or after April 1, 1986, are required by federal law to pay the 1.45% Medicare tax which deducted from their paycheck.

For additional information, call 298-1853 or call SURS at 1-800-ASK-SURS.


Employees who resign and apply for a refund, will receive all of their contributions plus 4 1/2% interest. Employees may defer taxation by rolling the refund into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). If the refund is not rolled over into an IRA, SURS will withhold 20% income tax from the refund; and the employee will owe an additional 10% federal income tax penalty on the refund.

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