The IACD has been part of Western Illinois University’s Expanding Cultural Diversity Project and was founded in 1991 to:

  • Further awareness and understanding of the value of cultural diversity, particularly among educators and students, through:

    • Networking and professional development opportunities
    • Research and scholarship in cultural diversity
    • Curriculum and instructional development
    • Leadership in cultural diversity, social justice, and equity initiatives
  • Help students, educators, and community members acquire the consciousness and competencies they need to communicate and interact effectively within a culturally diverse world and to work toward social justice and equity.

Contact Information

  • Illinois Association for Cultural Diversity
  • Post Office Box 141
  • Macomb, IL 61455


Dr. J. Q. Adams

Dr. Janice R. Welsch

Board Members

Dr. Gloria Delany-Barmann

Dr. Fetene Gebrewold

  • Department of Health Sciences and Social Work
  • Western Illinois University

Mr. Richard Hazley

  • Retiree, Wright-Purnell College Placement Center
  • Trinity Higher Education Corporation

Dr. Diane Nyhammer

Dr. Michelle “Mikki” Sherwood

Ms. Debra Stevenson

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