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All Greek Reunion, 04/23/10

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All Greek photo one

All Greek Reunion, 04/23/10
Delta Sigma Phi-Front row, l-r: Ed Noel ’84 MS ’87, Mike Lindsey ’92, Dan Pletke ’78, President Al Goldfarb, Gordon Zdeblick ’74, Jeff Sorensen ’78, Rob Day ’76 and Bob Smola ’89. Back Row, l-r: Jack Harris ’73, Mike Breslin ’78 and Bud McCarthy ’78.

All Greek photo two

All Greek Reunion, 04/23/10
Sigma Sigma Sigma-L-r: Linda Middleton ’75 (Sigma Kappa), Kathy Schimanski Harmon ’76 (Sigma Kappa), Reggie Karas Devers ’78, Alumni Council member Mona D’Antonio Spencer ’76, Sandy Silagi Sokniewicz ’81, Michele Jemmi Schrader ’82, Cherie Hoepner Palmer ’82 and Director of Alumni Programs Amy Spelman MS ’98.

All Greek photo three

All Greek Reunion, 04/23/10
Front row, l-r: Jean Atchison Cornelison ’74 (Zeta Tau Alpha), John Robinson, Brian Cornelison, Erin Buteau ’01 (Chi Omega), Jen Duffy Fryer ’00 (Chi Omega), Tracy Kenny-Scalise and Kristin Fiebrandt ’09 (Phi Sigma Sigma). Back row, l-r: Kevin Johnson ’84 MBA ’85 (Phi Kappa Theta), Zachary Bokum ’09, John Bokum ’72 (Theta Chi), Bill Watson ’80 (Alpha Gamma Sigma), Pat O’Neill ’72 (Alpha Gamma Rho), Dave Onion ’80 (Theta Chi) and Laurie Langer-Murray ’90 (Alpha Sigma Alpha).

All Greek photo four

All Greek Reunion, 04/23/10
L-r: Lisa Toland Smola ’89, Alumni Council member Carol Lewis Scott ’70, Karin Berg ’74 and Margie McLaughlin ’73.

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