WIU Specific Resources

Additional Resources

Preparing a Syllabus

  • Syllabus Tutorial (University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services).

Course Design/Assignment Design

Course planning and design are important for a successful course. The list below provides links to resources on all aspects of course design, including tutorials on the complete process of course design. The last two links focus on designing student assignments. This information is useful for planning a new course or redesigning an existing one.

  • "Course Design", A discussion of conceptualizing, organizing, and teaching a course. Includes such topics as considering the audience, setting objectives, determining course format, and evaluating learning.
  • Course Preparation (Ohio State University) PDF/Adobe Acrobat - A thorough presentation of all elements of course design from initial planning stages through classroom practices for the first days of class.
  • "Integrated Course Design", L. Dee Fink, Director, Instructional Development Program,University of Oklahoma. (IDEA Paper #42, March 2005). PDF/Adobe Acrobat - This article presents a rationale and thorough description of L. Dee Fink's model of integrated course design.
  • "A Self-Directed Guide to Designing Courses for Significant Learning", L. Dee Fink, Director, Instructional Development Program, University of Oklahoma - Guidelines for designing a course that integrates learning goals, feedback and assessment procedures, and teaching/learning activities.
  • "Designing Effective and Innovative Courses", Barbara J. Tewksbury (Hamilton College) and R. Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary) - This is an online course design tutorial for individual faculty members interested in designing or redesigning a course. The focus is on geoscience, but the process used is generic enough to design courses in all disciplines.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Course Development - A site dedicated to helping instructors design courses that integrate technology at various levels: classroom-based with web-presence, web-enhanced, web-centric, and online. Offers step-by-step tutorials at each level with specific planning guides, teaching strategies, and assessment tools.
  • "Planning, Designing, and Evaluating Student Assignments" (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Center for Teaching and Learning) - Guidelines for designing and assessing student assignments related to course goals; includes examples.
  • "Structuring Assignments for Success", Deborah DeZure, Michigan State University (In Whys and Ways of Teaching, Eastern Michigan University, Faculty Center for Instructional Excellence, Vol. 9, No. 1, Feb. 1999). This article discusses key issues in structuring successful assignments, such as using assignment packets, identifying necessary skills and assuring that students have them, and establishing criteria for evaluation. Includes sample evaluation forms and a worksheet for structuring assignments.

Resources for Teaching Assistants

Each TA at Western Illinois University should strive for excellence in classroom instruction, in the laboratory, or in any other educational situation. This goal requires constant evaluation, experimentation, and innovation as professional responsibilities. Each TA should recognize that appropriate academic bodies must approve of changes in established regulations and policies. WIU offers a number of resources and a high quality environment to support TAs. Click here to get acquainted with the resources that are provided to TAs at WIU.

Other Web Resources

These web resources are a starting point for creating a compilation of websites that are useful for educators. If you have a site that you are willing to share with your colleagues please feel free to contact us with a brief description of the site and its URL. Please help us make this a comprehensive faculty repository.