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Team Members

Design & Layout

Our design and layout team designs, formats, and re-creates a variety of product elements; maintains graphic standards; and builds awareness of and establishes identity for projects of all sizes. Examples include newsletters, brochures, scholarly journals, daily planners, and more.

DPS works closely with clients from concept to delivery to ensure quality and functionality, whether the clients have a specific idea in mind or need assistance generating ideas. DPS provides clients with estimates during initial project meetings.

Editing & Proofreading

Regardless of size, a paper copy of each project is proofed by a member of our professional editorial team. At the direction of our clients, we can either perform proofreading or extensive editing. Next, one of our designers makes the changes to an electronic copy. The editor follows by checking each change. A proof of the project is then sent to the client to either approve as-is or with changes as indicated.

Content Development

Our editorial writing staff can generate content for documents including brochures, articles, posters, and more. Staff can work from a rough outline or conduct research on a topic to generate information. Staff work directly with the client to determine the function of the document and then proceed to create a draft based on the discussion in an initial meeting.

Client Revisions of Documents Already Submitted to DPS

Once a client has submitted documents to DPS for document preparation services, the layout process begins. At that point, documents are placed into a layout program, and a DPS designer applies styles and formats text to meet project specifications. A DPS editor then reads the document for grammar, punctuation, and consistency, and the designer applies the editor's changes to the document. By this point in the process, many hours have been spent on the project.

If a client realizes that additional changes need to be made after submission, the client should send DPS only the revisions—not a revised electronic file. Revisions can be submitted to DPS in the following ways: marked-up hard copy of document, typed revisions sent electronically, or revisions typed in a file on portable media (be sure to indicate placement of revisions in the document). Failure to adhere to this policy will result in higher service charges and postponed deadlines, as the designer will be required to reformat text, and the editor will be required to cross-reference the revised text with the original submission to determine how they are different.

Document Preparation Timelines

When a project is initiated, the client and DPS staff establish and agree upon the timelines for the job. Below is a sample timeline:

  • Project to DPS – 11/10/06
  • Project to Design/Layout Team – 11/13/06
  • Project to Editorial Team – 11/17/06
  • Proof to Client – 11/24/06
  • Proof Back to DPS – 12/1/06
  • Project to Print – 12/5/06
  • Delivery Date to Client/Mail Date – 12/11/06

It is important that DPS receives all materials and specifications needed to complete a project by the "Project to DPS" date indicated in the timeline in order for the timeline to remain valid. As noted in the "Standard Production Timelines" section of this website, "ASAP" is not an acceptable due date specification. When materials and/or specifications are received after that date, project timelines are adjusted.

Please note that there will be a charge for all document preparation time utilized regardless of whether or not the project reaches completion.

Proofing Process

Proofs of projects requiring design, layout, and editing will be provided to clients after the document preparation process. It is the client's responsibility to carefully review the proof. After reading over the proof card thoroughly, clients need to sign off on the card and return it along with the proof to the DPS staff member whose name appears on the card. Clients are given the option to sign off on the project as-is or with changes as indicated. A client's signature is required before a project is printed.

DPS cannot be held responsible for errors not detected by the client on proofs. Substantive changes or delays will extend the timeline and increase the cost of the project.

As indicated on our proof card, all proofs and designs as well as the electronic files used to create them are property of DPS and are to remain confidential. Nothing contained in a proof, design, or file shall be deemed to give the recipient any rights in and to the proof, design, or file. Proofs, designs, and files are not to be manufactured, duplicated, distributed, sold, adapted, imitated, redesigned, or modified by the recipient. This policy is standard operating procedure within the printing industry.


DPS retains electronic client artwork for quality assurance purposes and ease of locating prior jobs for reorders.

Where Do I Start with My Project?

Customers can initiate the document preparation process by making an online request or by contacting DPS.

File Transfers to and from DPS

See File Transfers to and from DPS.

Accessible Electronic Versions of Documents

Under Construction. Contact DPS for more information.

Important Information

  • A fiscal agent or other authorized signer must authorize all charges with a hand signature or by placing an order online using a corresponding ECom login. All such orders must include a department or organization account number.
  • DPS will not reproduce copyrighted material without written permission of the copyright holder.
  • Customers may pay for orders with cash or Flex points. Students may charge their University accounts.
  • Because Illinois state law restricts the kinds of customers for whom DPS may perform work, non-University entities must meet strict guidelines and must have created an external account with the University in order for DPS to render its services. Charge to external accounts subject to a $1.00 minimum. The University's Billing and Receivables office sends bills for external accounts monthly.

Please call DPS at 309-298-1000 for estimates or billing questions.



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