2014 Student Awards

National Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Nominee
Jessica L. Toops

Nollen PKP Scholarship
Bryan Christensen  

Roland Grass Memorial Scholarship
Gabrielle Filipink

Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship
MaryBeth Hornbaker  


2014 Undergraduate Research Award

Lowell Grabill Undergraduate Research Award:
David Forgas
Title:  "Determination of IC50 of New Inhibitors of Cathepsin B: A Potential Gateway for Breast Cancer Treatment "
Advisor:  Lisa Wen, Chemistry

Second Place Award:
John Johnson
Title:  "Democracies and Preventive War in the 21st Century"
Advisor:  Vincent Auger, Political Science

 Third Place Award:
Caitlyn Wright
itle:  "Lesbian Healthcare: Gendered Medicalization and the Stigma of Sexual Orientation"
 Lora Ebert Wallace, Sociology and Anthropology

Fourth Place Award:
Bahader Singh
:  "The End of Arabian Nights?  An Analysis into the Struggle for Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa"
 Dr. Jonathan Day, Political Science



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