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University Advising and Academic Services Center.

Our Mission

We strive to help our students discover, set, & achieve their academic goals.

The populations we serve include:

Who are We?

UAASC advisors are full time academic support professionals committed to student success. They view themselves as mentors and resource people who recognize that some students will experience difficulties adjusting to university life. In addition to assisting with course selection, advisors help students explore major and career options and facilitate their transition to college. Find out more about the University Advising Program from our brochure.

Details about Math Placement

The Mathematics Department will do an initial placement into math courses using a student's math ACT score and the math courses completed in high school as guidelines. The department may recommend that a student take the math placement test (COMPASS) to improve the placement level. An explanation of math competency and placement at Western Illinois University can be found here. Students can also look into General Education Math courses on STARS.

Check out frequently asked questions about compass testing as well as a practice exam.

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