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Math and Foreign Language Placement Form

The math department and the foreign language department will review this information to place you into the appropriate course or courses. You will find out your placements when you attend SOAR. It is extremely important that you submit this form at least one week before your scheduled SOAR date. If you have any questions, please call the University Advising and Academic Services Center at (309) 298-1846.

Student Information


Major Information

If you have not yet chosen a major and plan to start as an undeclared (University Advising) student, please click that button. If you have chosen your major, please write the name of the major in the blank provided.

Math Information

If you have taken or are taking a math class at a college level, please write the name of the college in the blank provided. For the blank labeled “course details” please state the course name and number (i.e. Math 099, Math 121, etc.). If you do not have that information, please give us the name of the class (i.e. Intermediate Algebra, Math for General Education, etc.). If you did not take any college level math classes, leave these lines blank.

Check off the math classes taken through your junior year in high school. Choose the name closest to the names on the list.

Fill out details about math taken during your senior year:

If you took math during your senior year of high school or are currently enrolled, please fill in the blanks below:

Foreign Languages Information

The rest of the form addresses placement for foreign language classes. If you are not interested in studying foreign language at Western, you may leave the rest of the form blank.

Check language(s) taken up through your junior year in high school:

Fill out details about language courses taken during your senior year:


Language(s) you are interested in taking at Western Illinois University:

Did you study abroad or participate in any type of foreign exchange program in high school?