Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

The Summer Orientation & Registration (SOAR) program is one of the first steps that students take in their transition to the University. During Summer Orientation and Registration, you will meet with an academic advisor from your intended major, register for classes, meet with faculty members, and interact with other students. You will also learn academic requirements and services that will be invaluable your first semester. In addition to being a great transition for you as a new student, the program is also beneficial to parent and family members as well by providing family orientation session and information about campus resources and services.

All new freshmen are initially placed into their freshman composition course based on their ACT or SAT scores. Their advisor will discuss their placement with them at SOAR. If they have updated ACT or SAT scores OR evidence of having completed a transfer course or dual credit course equivalent to ENG 180, they should bring those with them to SOAR.

The Mathematics Department will do an initial placement into math courses using a student's math ACT score and the math courses completed in high school as guidelines. The department may recommend that a student take the math placement test (called COMPASS) to improve the placement level.

Math Competency Requirement at Western Illinois University

All students must demonstrate math competency in order to graduate from Western Illinois University. There are three ways this competency can be met:

  1. Receive University credit for Math 100 - Core Competency in Mathematics
  2. Place in a math course for which Math 100 is a pre-requisite. Math 100 is a prerequisite for all General Education math courses (101, 102, 123, 133, 137, Stats 171).
    Placement in math is determined by the Math Department using Math Act scores and subscores and grades in math courses completed prior to enrollment at Western. Students may elect to take an assessment exam (COMPASS) to improve their placement results on the day they register for classes. If a student places into a General Education math course, he/she has met the University math competency requirement. Whether or not a student who has met the math competency requirement takes math at Western will depend on the student’s major and individual preferences.
  3. Receive University credit for a mathematics course that lists Math 100 as a prerequisite.

Math 099N: Intermediate Algebra. Pre-requisite for Math 100 unless student is placed into Math 100 based on prior experiences or placement test. S/U grading. Does not count toward graduation. Four semester hours of credit count temporarily for full time status and financial aid purposes during the semester the course is taken. Students who have not taken the equivalent of advanced algebra in high school must take Math 099N.

Math 100: Core Competency in Mathematics - 3 s.h. COUNTS AS 3 SEMESTER HOURS OF ELECTIVE CREDIT FOR GRADUATION. Introduction and use of mathematics in problem solving, analyzing & interpreting models, and drawing inferences; studying diverse examples and cases of real-world problems.

General Education Math Courses

If a student places into a General Education math course, he/she has met the University math competency requirement. Courses which count in the General Education are as follows with semester hours in parenthesis:

  • Math 101: Basic Concepts of Math (3)
  • Math 102: Mathematics for General Education (3)
  • Math 123: Modeling with Mathematical Functions (3)
  • Math 133: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4)
  • Math 134: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II (4)
  • Math 137: Applied Calculus I (3)
  • Math 139: Applied Linear Algebra and Finite Math (3)
  • Stats 171: General Elementary Statistics (3)