NACADA Annual Conference 2009 Presentation

"Affective" Advising: Building Relationships Using a Student-Centered Approach

Julie O'Brien and Niall Hartnett, two academic advisors in the University Advising and Academic Support Center, presented on this topic at the 2009 NACADA Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Session Abstract: Advising students in academic difficulty can be challenging. This session will demonstrate how the person-centered counseling principles pioneered by Carl Rogers can be used to enhance the developmental effectiveness of advising these students. Advisors will be trained on how to more successfully evoke positive feelings in students through signs of respect, encouragement and authentic empathy that students will associate with the advising process and thus enhance the advisor-student relationship. Participants will watch a simulated video, take part in case studies and learn in depth about the principles of genuineness, acceptance and empathy. Learn how you as an advisor can help foster the personal development and growth of students in their academic performance.