Council of Academic Advisors (COAA)


  • To provide a forum for advising representatives from all areas to discuss relevant issues that affect students and advisors ... meetings are open
  • To increase communication among academic advisors at Western to ensure that accurate information is being distributed to students
  • To sponsor advisor development workshops each semester so that advisors can continue to grow professionally
  • To maintain the Advising Bulletin Board and communicate information through an advisor mailing list
  • To recommend changes in policies or procedures which affect academic advising
  • To provide an academic advisor liaison to the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards


  • Two members from University Advising and Academic Services Center (UAASC)
  • Two members from each of the following colleges:
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • College of Business and Technology
    • College of Education and Human Services
    • College of Fine Arts and Communication
  • One member from Center for International Studies
  • One member from Centennial Honor’s College
  • One rotating member from Western Illinois University Quad Cities
  • One member from Bachelor of General Studies Program
  • One member from Registrar's Office
  • One member from Admissions
  • One member from Registrar’s Office representing NCAA
  • One member from Athletic Advising
  • One member from Student Government Association

Meetings are open to all advisors and interested University personnel


All-Campus Advisor Workshop

Council Members Fall 2017

  • Michelle Yager, Chair
  • Lisa Melz-Jennings, Vice Chair
  • Julie Brines (COAA Representative on CAGAS)
  • Jennifer Sandrik-Rubio (CAS)*
  • Beth Lane (CAS)*
  • Ember Keithley (CBT)*
  • Chris Ramsey (CBT)*
  • Donna Bradford (COEHS)*
  • Stacy Dorsett (COEHS)*
  • Jennifer Grimm (COFAC)*
  • Jan Clough (COFAC)*
  • Bryan Baker (UAASC)*
  • Renee Simpson (UAASC)*
  • Danielle Surprenant (Athletic Advising)*
  • Molly Homer (Centennial Honor’s College)*
  • Drew Donahoo (Admissions)*
  • Laurie Black (Registrar's Office - NCAA)*
  • Joani Wilson (Registrar's Office)*
  • Jen Tibbitts, Larry Pickett, Ron Pettigrew (Bachelor of Arts in General Studies) Rotating*
  • Kim McDaniel (Center for International Studies)*
  • TBA (WIU Quad Cities)*
  • TBA (Student Government Association)

* Voting Members


Standards and Guidelines of Academic Advising as prepared by a subcommittee of COAA and last revised on October 29, 2012. (PDF)

By-Laws of COAA as prepared by a subcommittee of COAA and last revised on July 17, 2014. (PDF)

COAA Minutes