Transitional Advising Program (TAP)

Two Transitional Advising Programs (TAP for Business and the Extended TAP Program) serve students who are not making satisfactory progress in their major or who are still unclear about their major and have more than 45 hours. Advisors help students identify other major options through career exploration and transcript analysis.

Many students are able to return to the chosen major after participation in the program. Others may discover new majors which meet their career goals and interests.

What is TAP?

  • TAP is a program for students who are not experiencing academic success in their major.
  • TAP students may either work to return to their original major or decide to pursue a different major.
  • Students can remain in TAP for a maximum of one year but can declare a major at any time they are eligible to do so.
  • Students cannot graduate while in TAP.

Who is Eligible?

Students eligible for Tap include those who;

  • have been unable to complete the prerequisites for a selective major.
  • have not achieved the GPA required for a selective major.
  • are retention risks in their present major.
  • Transfer students who have not been accepted into the major of their choice.
  • are unhappy in their current major but don’t know what other major to pursue.

Expectations for TAP Students

As an TAP student, you should be willing to:

  • Meet with the advisor in your target major once each semester and your TAP advisor monthly.
  • Follow your TAP advisor’s advice.
  • Explore WHY you are in college.
  • Learn more about yourself.
  • Reassess your initial choice of major.
  • Explore major alternatives.
  • Learn the requirements of several academic alternatives.
  • Be realistic about grades you need to earn.
  • Work hard to earn those grades.
  • Receive assistance in assessing your current academic situation.
  • Learn academic success strategies.
  • Develop a plan of action that leads to graduation.
  • Commit yourself to a program that leads to success.
  • Be ready to declare out of TAP within a year.
  • Be ready to take an active role in planning your future.

TAP Advisors Listen

  • TAP students often remark on the quantity and quality of advising attention they receive.
  • TAP entry appointments are scheduled for an hour, so that your new advisor can ask questions and listen carefully to your responses. Together you will develop a plan of action that suits your unique situation.
  • There is always more than one way to achieve your career goal. Expect to discuss these alternate routes with your TAP advisor.
  • Your progress will be caringly and carefully monitored. If you are not making the expected progress toward declaring a particular major, you will need to revise your action plan.
  • You will discuss these revisions with your TAP advisor. Our goal is to help you graduate in a timely fashion.

Services Provided by TAP Advisors

Academic advising that:

  • Is proactive and individual.
  • Is based on transcript analysis.
  • Helps you pick classes that meet your particular needs.
  • Provides information about academic requirements.

Career advising that:

  • Is sensitive, intensive and accessible.
  • Helps you choose a realistic, attainable major.
  • Informs you about possible alternative majors and/or careers.
  • Connects you with the resources you need to plan your future.

Referrals Made by TAP Advisors

Personal counseling referrals that:

  • Help you understand what went wrong in the past.
  • Help you receive assistance with on-going issues.
  • Help you learn new coping strategies.

Study skills assistance referrals that:

  • Help you assess your study skills.
  • Help you learn ways to study more effectively and efficiently.

TAP Advisors & Staff Available to Help You

  • Linda Thomas, TAP Coordinator
  • Bryan Barker, Advisor
  • Jane Coplan, Advisor
  • Julie O’Brien, Advisor
  • Debbie Carithers, Support Staff

When you call to schedule an appointment (298-1846), please mention that you are interested in one of our Transitional Advising Programs. Our staff will help you determine which one. Bring the completed TAP Contract (PDF) to your appointment.