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The WIU Mobile app includes a tutoring feature. Search for tutoring by course and day to get the extra help you need. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play, or use the QR Code from this card.


Welcome to UAASC Summer 2015 Tutoring! We support your academic success by offering online and in-person tutoring services for your WIU classes during the summer. Services are offered June 8 through July 30, 2015 with the expertise of both a math specialist and a comprehensive tutor.

This is the second year UAASC is offering summer tutoring, so your patience and feedback is extremely helpful and appreciated. To share your comments, please contact either Tim or Estelle at 309-298-1871. To interact with a tutor by phone, email or face-to-face, or to schedule a Skype appointment, follow the instructions listed below.

Instructions for Face-to-face Tutoring:

  1. Drop-in to University Advising and Academic Services Center (UAASC) between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday. The UAASC office is located on the lower level of Memorial Hall.
  2. Sign in at the front desk.
  3. Have a seat, and the tutor will come out to meet you.

Instructions for Phone or Email:

  1. Call the tutoring number associated with your course for help over the phone. (To determine which tutor to contact, use the grid listed below or click on the UAASC Summer Tutoring Flyer.)
  2. Send an email to if you prefer to email. Include your student ID number and course name and number in the subject line of your email. As the tutor may not receive your email until the next day, please allow for a 24-hour response.

Instructions for Skype:

  1. If you have not yet installed Skype, go to
  2. Go to the Skype UAASC instruction page for more details.

Print out a copy of the UAASC Summer Tutoring Flyer. (coming soon)

Tutoring information for summer 2015 is also available on the WIU Mobile app.

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