College of Arts and Sciences

E-Tutoring/Writing Drop Off

E-tutoring allows you to upload a writing project during a scheduled time slot and receive feedback at the end of that time slot.  When making an e-tutoring appointment, schedule 30 minutes per 2 double-spaced pages, with a maximum of 8 double-spaced pages for a 2-hour appointment.  Please attach your writing as a Word document, along with an assignment sheet and any information that will assist us in providing feedback.

Consultants will provide constructive/instructive feedback but will not simply edit or proofread. If what you upload is too long to cover in the scheduled time, a consultant will provide the feedback they can in the time allotted.


Instructions for Registering:

If you have not used WCOnline before, you need to register:

  1. Go to (You might bookmark this address on the computers you use the most.)
  2. Click on “Click Here to Register.”
  3. Fill out the “Create New Account Form.”
  4. Click “Register.”


Instructions for Making an Appointment:

If you have registered, you can log in to WCOnline to create an appointment under "Writing Center (E-Tutoring & Online)" schedule.

  1. Go to (Again, you might bookmark this address on the computers you use the most.)
  2. Enter the email and password you used to create your account.

Note: Consultants available for e-tutoring appointments will indicate so under their names.

  1. Click on an available appointment slot. White spaces are available for appointments. Blue and red spaces mean the consultant already has an appointment during that time.
  2. When you click on the white space, the appointment form should pop up. If it doesn’t, minimize your current window to see if it popped up behind it.
  3. Fill out the appointment form.
  4. Click “Save Appointment.”

Note: If you ever need to cancel an appointment, log in, click on your appointment, and then click “Cancel Appointment.”