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Instructions for Making Appointments!


Your Account:

To get started, register for an account by clicking here.

If you already have an account but do not know your password, click here, and then click “reset your password.” Instructions on changing your password will be sent to your email. 


Setting an Appointment:

Once you have logged in, you are ready to make your appointment!

1. Use the pull down menu in the top bar to select the appropriate location.  Each of our locations has their own schedule page.  On the Macomb campus, we have locations in Malpass, Simpkins Hall, Bayliss Hall, and Tanner Hall.  We also have a location on the QC campus.

 2. Select a date, time, and consultant for your appointment by clicking on the matching white box.  White spaces on the calendar are available times.  Gold spaces represent appointments that you have already set and light blue and dark blue spaces are unavailable.

3. Fill out the time (we strongly recommend 1 hr appointments) and appointment information. Make sure to fill out the information as specifically as you can. If your visit is not related to a course, you can write “N/A” where appropriate.

4.  Click "Save Appointment."  You are all set!


Appointment Policies:

You are only allowed to schedule a limited number of appointments each day and each week.  If you reach your maximum, you are welcome to call the appropriate location or walk-in during that locations hours and the staff will be able to schedule additional appointments for you! See additional policies and procedures.