Economics and Decision Sciences

Thomas Sadler
Associate Professor of Economics

Economics and Decision Sciences
Stipes Hall 430M
(309) 298-1734

Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1998

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

Economics 430: Environmental Economics

Economics 465: Economics of Energy

Dr. Sadler received his Ph.D. in 1998 from the University of Tennessee. He teaches introductory principles and applied-micro courses. His upper-division courses focus on the economics of energy and the environment. He has published articles in many refereed journals, including Ecological Economics, the Atlantic Economic Journal, International Advances in Economic Research, Interdisciplinary Environmental Review and the Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics. His articles in the area of environmental economics have addressed, among other topics, contemporary environmental policy, the provision of environmental information, optimal taxation, and high performance organizations. He serves as Director for the Center for Economic Education. Activities of the center include outreach to area high schools and community colleges and participation in the annual Economics Day.