Economics and Decision Sciences

Thomas Sadler

Thomas Sadler
Professor of Economics

Stipes Hall 430M
(309) 298-1152

Ph.D. Economics, University of Tennessee
M.A. Economics, University of Missouri

B.A. Economics, Western Illinois University

Thomas R. Sadler is the author of Pandemic Economics (2022) Energy Economics: Science, Policy and Economic Applications (2020), co-editor of  Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland (2013), and refereed journal articles on environmental policy, high-performance organizations, carbon capture and storage, optimal taxation, vehicle emission standards, food security, and professional sports leagues. He teaches upper-level courses on Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Pandemic Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, and Applied Macroeconomics. His lower-division courses include Principles of Microeconomics, The Global Economic Environment, and Introduction to Economics. He enjoys working with both graduate and undergraduate students.

Upper Division and Graduate Course Responsibilities

  • Economics 325: Applied Macroeconomics
  • Economics 350: Economics of Poverty & Discrimination
  • Economics 430G: Environmental Economics
  • Economics 440G: Labor Economics
  • Economics 465G: Economics of Energy
  • Economics 496G: Pandemic Economics
  • General Honors 302: Sustainable Food Networks
  • General Honors 302: Chicago Economy

Recent Publications:

  • Ehrlich, J. A., Ghimire, S., Sadler, T. R., & Sanders, S. D. (2023). Policy and Policy Response on the Court: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of the Three-Point Line Extension in Basketball. Journal of Sports Economics24(2), 159–173.