Centennial Honors College

Forensic Chemistry

Honors in the Major Requirements
Course Requirements:
  • GH 299 (1 sh)
    (if not already completed for General Honors)
  • 9sh of in-course Honors projects selected from the following:
    1. CHEM 202
    2. 300 level CHEM course
      (no more than two classes from A and B)
    3. 400 level CHEM course (excluding CHEM 416 and CHEM 490H)
  • CHEM 490H - Senior Honors Thesis Research (2 sh)
  • CHEM 491H - Senior Honors Thesis (1 sh)
Grade Point Average Requirements:
  • 3.4 cumulative GPA
  • 3.4 cumulative GPA in Honors courses
  • “C” grade or lower in any Honor course terminates a student’s participation in the Honors College



University Honors
(General Honors + Honors in the Major)