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Picture of Sherman's March to the Sea

GH299 | Revisiting the Civil War: Tracing the "March to the Sea"

This course explores the legacies of the Civil War by retracing the famous “March to the Sea” through Georgia, of Union General William Sherman. We will fly to Atlanta, where the March began, then travel to Savannah, where it ended.

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Contact the course instructor, Dr. Tim Roberts (tm-roberts@wiu.edu) or the Honors College (honors@wiu.edu) for more information.


Guided Kayak Tour: Ebenezer Creek Civil War Site


Travel Dates May 9-16, 2020
Estimated Cost Approximately $1,200
Included Airfare, destination transportation in Atlanta, Lodging, Site Fees
Application Deadline November 1, 2019
Non-Refundable Deposit $600 Due December 6, 2019
Final Payment Balance Due January 31, 2020
Pre-Departure Meetings TBD Spring 2020