Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Message from the Editor

The Western Journal of Criminal Justice (WJCJ) aims to address this need and to be the main forum of the Center for Applied Criminal Justice for publishing papers on law enforcement, corrections, courts and law techniques and applications. The journal intends to primarily publish papers which combine or integrate different methodologies and approaches in various real-world criminal justice applications. The WJCJ will be published biannually. The abstracts of the published papers, and sometimes the full papers, will be available on-line on the journal web site:

The journal will contain original research papers written by faculty and students. Each paper will be thoroughly reviewed by 2 independent reviewers. In addition, the journal may occasionally contain special issues on various topics on criminal justice, book reviews, conference reports, letters to the editors, conference announcements, etc.

Thanks are due to many people who have helped in starting up this new journal. We are particularly grateful to the Associate Editors who provided us with a lot of support and advice, and who will continue to represent the journal in their areas of expertise. We are sure that their nationwide reputation and fundamental experience in the field will have a significant contribution in shaping up the journal and making WJCJ a prestigious first-class research forum.

Finally, the Editor wishes to thank the authors who submitted papers to the first issue of WJCJ.  We are grateful that they responded to our invitation. Many thanks are due to the members of the Editorial Board who reviewed these first papers submitted to the journal. We thank them for their precious feedback and advice.
We hope that the new Western Journal of Criminal Justice will serve the criminal justice community well and this journal will be the main vehicle of presenting ideas and research work in the area. Any suggestion on how to improve our publication in order to deliver better information to the authors, readers and subscribers of this journal will be always very much appreciated.

Vladimir A. Sergevnin, Ph.D.