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Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Degree Program is unique as it is the first and only university-level program of its type in the State of Illinois.  The program offers an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree which combines scholarship and practice. Students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Emergency Management leading to professional employment opportunities in the public sector, the private sector, or at non-governmental organizations. 

Established in 2007, the WIU Emergency Management Program takes an approach balancing both scholarship and practice to prepare the next generation of professional emergency managers. The program adds value to Western Illinois University, and the program also provides important services in support of public safety for residents of the State of Illinois. 

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The WIU Emergency Management Program currently has openings for new undergraduate-level students who are interested in enrolling in the state's only Bachelor of Science Degree program for emergency management. 

If you are interested in disasters and you strive to work in occupations protecting the public by engaging in a career of response, recovery, mitigation, or preparedness, the WIU Emergency Management Program can meet your academic preparation needs for a successful career. 

As National Climatic Data Center information indicates, during 2014 there were 8 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States.  Adding in the risks of man-made disasters to that tally, the trends suggest there will be no shortage of work for future emergency managers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on the status of emergency management careers. Such statistics suggests that it is with an entry level Bachelors Degree and experience, it is possible for Emergency Management Directors to earn $59,770 per year (2012 median pay).  For such careers, the projected employment growth rate is 8 percent from 2012 to 2022.

The WIU Emergency Management Program is organizationally housed in the College of Education and Human Services Specific information on undergraduate degree requirements and course descriptions can be found at the WIU Catalog.  


From the proud traditions of Civil Defense to the modern era of Homeland Security, the safety of the nation requires the focus of the best and brightest students.

While Emergency Management jobs reside in all sectors of the economy, government agencies such as the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency are examples of places where Emergency Managers can be employed.

Professional organizations supporting the Emergency Management profession include The Illinois Emergency Services Management Association (for the state of Illinois) and the International Association of Emergency Managers (for the nation and beyond).

The student organization for WIU Emergency Management majors is the IESMA