Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Picture of Bowman Richard J. Janoski, Instructor


Richard J. Janoski has been an Instructor with the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University for over twenty-one years. Mr Janoski received his baccalaureate degree in criminal justice from St. Ambrose College (University) and a Master of Arts degree in Law Enforcement Administration from Western Illinois University. 

Mr. Janoski has 38 years experience in law enforcement and private security. A former administrator for a Fortune 500 company, his experience is both domestic and international. Mr. Janoski has worldwide expertise in the areas of security management, investigations, workplace violence, risk assessments and incident resolution. 

Mr. Janoski has served as a security consultant and trainer to law enforcement, governmental entities, public and private educational institutions and commercial/industrial business entities.

Mr. Janoski is a published author in the field of security management. His co-authored book Loss Prevention and Security Procedures: Practical Applications for Contemporary Problems has been used in university courses and as a security industry reference guide.