School of Music

Online. On Purpose.

The WIU Master of Music with an emphasis in Music Education provides graduate students with further study in elementary/middle school/secondary teaching. With a new focus on distance learning (100% online), the degree is intended for current practitioners in the field of Music Education who wish to continue in their current positions while pursuing an advanced degree. The fully online format will allow candidates to explore the latest methods/research and immediately apply what they learn in a real-life setting.

Curriculum (34 s.h. total)

Music Education Courses (25 s.h.)

Music Education (take all three):
  • MUS 531 History and Philosophy of Music Education (3)
  • MUS 533 Contemporary Assessment Techniques in Music Education (3) 
  • MUS 534 Models of Instruction in Music Education (3)
Advanced Conducting/Methods (select one):
  • MUS 510 Choral Conducting (2)
  • MUS 538 Advanced Instrumental Conducting and Score Analysis (2)
  • MUS 539 Advanced Methods and Literature: Review of K–8 Music (2)
Capstone Project/Thesis (select one):
  • MUS 600 Master’s Project (4)
  • MUS 601 Thesis (4)

Required Core Courses (9 s.h.)

  • MUS 591 Graduate Research in Music (3)
Analysis (Select one):
  • MUS 581 Analytical Techniques (3)
  • MUS 582 Analytical Techniques (3)
Music History (Select one):
  • MUS 491G History of American Music (3)
  • MUS 593 Music in the Baroque Period (3)
  • MUS 594 Music of the Classical Era (3)
  • MUS 596 Music of the Romantic Era (3)
  • MUS 597 Music Since 1900 (3)
Other degree requirements:
  • MUS 603 Comprehensive Examination in Music (0)

Electives (10 s.h.)

10 s.h. of masters-level electives may be chosen from offerings in the WIU School of Music or the WIU College of Education, or they must be approved by the Chair of Music Education.

Recommended online electives:

  • MUS 535 - Music for the Learner with Exceptionalities
  • MUS 536 - Technology in Music Education
  • MUS 537 - Instrumental Jazz Pedagogy
  • *MUS 504-529 - Applied Study (Take private lessons on your instrument/voice with a university professor via Skype)
  • *MUS 540 - Advanced Choral Pedagogy and Techniques
  • *MUS 590 - Literature of Applied Field
  • Online electives in the WIU School of Education

Use the WIU Course Search online tool to select your electives based on the online offerings for each specific semester. (Department Codes: MUS = Music; C&I = Curriculum & Instruction; EDS = Education Studies; SPED = Special Education; ECH = Early Childhood)

*Contact the instructor of the course to inquire about online availability

Sample Course Sequence:

The Masters of Music with an emphasis in Music Education is intended to be completed by a cohort of masters students in 2 years including 2 eight-week summer sessions (2 courses per semester for 6 consecutive semesters - See sample course sequence below). All coursework will be completed online via computer-based resources provided by WIU (e.g., online journals, library databases), and correspondence using WIU’s online collaborative platform, WesternOnline, video, email, phone, and/or online meeting platforms (e.g., Skype, Zoom, Google Meet). Most courses are asynchronous, allowing students to complete their work on their own schedule--perfect for a busy music educator!

Fall 20
  • MUS 534 - Models of Instruction in Music Education
  • Elective #1
Spring 21
  • MUS 533 Contemporary Assessment Techniques in Music Education
  • Elective #2
Summer 21
  • MUS 531 History and Philosophy of Music Education
  • MUS 591 Graduate Research in Music
Fall 21
  • Music History Core (MUS 491G, 593, 594, 596, or 597)
  • Conducting/Methods Course (MUS 510 Choral; MUS 538 Instrumental; or MUS 539 K-8 General)
Spring 22
  • MUS 581 Analytical Techniques
  • Elective #3
Summer 22
  • MUS 601 Thesis -OR- MUS 600 Master’s Project
  • Elective #4
  • Comprehensive Exams