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Diversity at WIU

In keeping with the spirit of "Higher Values in Higher Education" and our institutional values and mission, diversity is a priority at Western Illinois University. The University celebrates, recognizes, and values the diversity of its campus community.

Western provides a wealth of resources that promote diversity and cultural awareness, including Casa Latina Cultural Center, Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center and the Women's Center, housed in the Multicultural Center; Disability Resource Center; the new Queer Studies minor, the Center for International Studies; the LGBTQ Resource Center, and Unity, to name just a few.

Multicultural Student Clubs, Organizations & Resources *

African Student Association: Promotes African culture through various projects, activities, and events to the campus and the Macomb communities.

Black Student Association: Provides a better scholastic, cultural, political and social life for students of color at Western Illinois University.

Casa Latina: Provides support services for Latino and International students and further provide an informed understanding of their rich cultures to west central Illinois communities, surrounding areas and the people of the state of Illinois.

Cultural Expressions Club: Works collaboratively with other campus organizations to promote unity while focusing on diversity and multiculturalism.

Disability Support Center: Facilitates equal access to University classes, programs, and activities for students with disabilities.

Feminist Action Alliance (FAA): Creates a community safe for all in order to support the growth and advancement of individuals educationally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center: Provides ongoing cultural experiences, academic enhancement opportunities, and social programs designed to aid in the adjustment of African American students.

Indian Student Organization: Services to unite all Indians and celebrate cultural events in order to bring togetherness among the Indian community.

International Friendship Club: Promotes cultural awareness, respect, and understanding among all students through various cultural, educational, and social activities.

Korean Student Association: Provides an opportunity to connect with other students interested in the field of Korean culture activities.

Latin American Student Organization: Provides a scholastic, cultural, political and social environment; to nurture unity and pride among Latino students at WIU.

LGBTQ Resource Center: Creates an inclusive environment for LGBTQA individuals on campus.

NAACP: The purpose and aims of the college chapter shall be to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens.

Tradicion Hispana Dance Troupe: Brings to the area unique Hispanic dance performances and cultural activities that serve as educational programs to the community.

Unity: The voice of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, non-heteronormative, and non-gender binary students and their allies at Western Illinois University

Women's Center: Promotes gender equity through education, support and advocacy and to respond to issues affecting the status of female students, faculty and staff on campus, as well as women in the community and in society.

* A complete list of registered student organizations can be found on the Purple Post.