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Flow Chart for Degree-Seeking Students

  1. _____ Submit application to Graduate School for admission to degree program.
  2. _____ Complete departmental admission requirements, if applicable.
  3. _____ Receive a letter of admission from the Graduate School.
    a. If conditional admission
    ‑ All conditions of admission must be met prior to filing the Graduate Degree Plan.
    b. If probationary admission ‑ Probationary status must be removed via petition prior to filing the Graduate Degree Plan.
  4. _____ A faculty adviser is assigned by the department.
  5. _____ Meet with adviser for pre‑program planning and obtain specific departmental degree requirements.
  6. _____ File a Graduate Degree Plan at the departmental level prior to the completion of 15 semester hours of course work.
  7. _____ Receive approval of Graduate Degree Plan from the Graduate School.
  8. _____ Apply for graduation by the following dates: Spring Semester, March 10; Summer Session, June 10; Fall Semester, October 10.
  9. _____ Complete all course work for the degree.
  10. _____ Complete an exit option (comprehensive exam, special project, etc.), if applicable.  Note: If an incomplete is received in the exit option and all other course work required for the degree has been taken, a Request to Enroll in UNIV 695 must be submitted by the student to the Graduate School.
  11. _____ Submit thesis/dissertation, if applicable, to Must be submitted by the Friday before Finals Week.
  12. _____ Submit action research paper, if applicable, directly to the Archives Department, Malpass Library by the Friday before Finals Week.
  13. _____ Complete all course revalidations, final grades, verification of thesis completion, official transcript for transfer work and submit to the Graduate School by the last day of the student's final semester.