Graduate Studies

Flow Chart for Degree-Seeking Students

___1.   The student submits application to Graduate School for admission to degree program.

___2.   The student completes departmental admission requirements, if applicable.

___3.   The student receives a letter of admission from the Graduate School.

    • If conditional admission ‑ All conditions of admission must be met prior to filing the Graduate Degree Plan.
    • If probationary admission ‑ Probationary status must be removed via petition prior to filing the Graduate Degree Plan.

___4.   The department assigns a faculty advisor.

___5.   The student meets with advisor for pre‑program planning and obtains specific departmental degree requirements.

___6.   The student files a Graduate Degree Plan at the departmental level prior to the completion of 15 semester hours of course work.

___7.   The student receives approval of Graduate Degree Plan from the Graduate School.

___8.   The student applies for graduation by the following dates: Spring Semester, March 10; Summer Session, June 10; Fall Semester, October 10.

___9.   The student completes course work.

___10. The student completes comprehensive exams, special projects, recitals, performances, etc., if applicable.

___11. The student completes thesis/dissertation, if applicable. Must be submitted by the Friday before Finals Week.

___12. All course revalidations, final grades, verification of thesis completion, official transcript for transfer work are complete and in the Graduate School by the last day of the student's final semester.