Graduate Studies

Computer Science

Please refer to the Computer Science graduate program section for information including departmental contact information, list of graduate faculty members, program description, and course descriptions.

Requirements for Enrollment

Admission into the integrated program in Computer Science requires a minimum of an overall GPA and a major GPA of 3.25.

Integrated Degree Program Description

Students in the integrated program are allowed to use nine semester hours to satisfy both the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree and the Master of Science in Computer Science degree.

Integrated Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students in the integrated program may choose three of the following bridge courses to satisfy the requirements of both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science:

I. Core Courses: 18 s.h.

CS 410G/B Operating Systems* (3)
CS 420G/B Computer Communication and Networks* (3)
CS 460G/B Artificial Intelligence Methods*(3)
CS 465G/B Computer Graphics* (3)
CS 470G/B Database Systems* (3)
CS 560 Computer Architecture (3)

(Note: 400-level courses taken once the bridge (“B”) courses have been completed must have the “G” designation.)

II. Depth Courses (Select one class from each of two different subject areas): 6 s.h.

A. Subject Area 1

CS 512 Advanced Operating Systems (3)
CS 513 Topics in Operating Systems (3)

B. Subject Area 2

CS 522 Advanced Database Design and Administration (3)
CS 523 Topics in Database Systems (3)

C. Subject Area 3

CS 548 Advanced Artificial Intelligence (3)
CS 549 Topics in Artificial Intelligence (3)

D. Subject Area 4

CS 556 Advanced Computer Networks (3)
CS 557 Topics in Computer Networks (3)

E. Subject Area 5

CS 561 Advanced Computer Architecture (3)
CS 562 Topics in Computer Architecture (3)

F. Subject Area 6

CS 566 Advanced Computer Graphics (3)
CS 567 Topics in Computer Graphics (3)

III. Plans of study (Select one): 9 s.h.

A. Thesis

CS Electives (3)
CS 600 Research (3)
CS 601 Thesis (3)

B. Project

CS Electives (6)
CS 599 Master’s Project (3)


* Up to 9 s.h. of bridge or “B” courses may be used at the undergraduate level to satisfy the requirements of both the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and the Master of Science in Computer Science degrees. If taken after the undergraduate degree has been completed, 400-level courses must have the “G” designator.