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Operating Paper of the School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Council

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Prospective Students/Recruiting Information

Prospective Student Information Sheet (If you prefer to fax or mail this form, feel free to print out a copy)
Program Profile Request Form

Assistantships & Internships

Externally Funded Assistantship Agreement
Assistantship Personnel Evaluation Form
Assistantship Personnel Incident Report
Graduate/Research/Teaching Support Assistantship Contract Request (PDF) (DOCX)
Teaching Assistantship Contract Request (PDF) (Word)
Lump Sum Payment Request

Curriculum (* = requires Graduate Council Approval)

400G Course*
475 Experimental Course, Add Graduate Credit to
500-600 Level Course, New*
675 Experimental Course
Credit Hours, Increase*
Cross-Listed Course*
Drop a Graduate Course or Graduate Credit from an Undergraduate Course
Minor Change to Existing Course
Multiple-Title Approval*
New Degree Program Request*

Feasibility Study Guidelines

New title (Multiple-Title Course)
New Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Request*

Guidelines for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program

Program Requirements, Change*
Program Requirements, Change - Post-Baccalaureate Certificate*
Request for Integrated Baccalaureate and Master's Degree Program*
Guidelines for Integrated Baccalaureate and Master's Degree Program


Dissertation Process
Committee Approval Form
Committee Addition/Deletion/Change Form
Proposal Form
Intent and Authorization to Defend the Dissertation Research
Dissertation Approval


Revalidation Chart


Application/Nomination for Full Membership in the Graduate Faculty (Requires Graduate Council Approval)

Application/Nomination for Full Membership in the Graduate Faculty - Required Vita Format

Application/Nomination for Temporary Membership in the Graduate Faculty

Associate Membership in the Graduate Faculty (no form required)

All faculty hired into tenure/tenure track positions will be granted associate membership unless indicated otherwise by the department chair.

Application to Serve as a Reader on a Graduate Exit Option Committee (PDF) (DOCX)


Exit Option Committee Approval Form (PDF) (DOCX)

Degree Plan (PDF) (DOCX)

Petition (PDF) (DOCX)

Revalidation Chart

Application for Graduation (PDF) (DOCX)

Application for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Completion (PDF) (DOCX)

Undergraduate Request to Enroll in Graduate Course for Graduate Credit (PDF)

Undergraduate Request to Enroll in Integrated Baccalaureate and Master's Degree Bridge Course (PDF)

Undergraduate Request to Enroll in Graduate Course for Undergraduate Credit (PDF)


Graduate Assistantships

Monthly Stipend
General Information
Assistantship forms - See Forms section
Time Reporting Instructions for Assistantship Supervisors
Time Reporting Instructions for Graduate/Teaching/Research Assistants
Taxation of Graduate Assistant Tuition Waivers - Frequently Asked Questions

Research and Professional Development Fund

Sample Proposals

Professional Presentation

Sample 1

Research Projects

Sample 1
Sample 2

Academic Guidelines and Graduate School Policies

Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Requirements and Satisfactory Progress
Admission to Candidacy and Degree Plans

Appeal Process

Grade appeal
Other appeals

Application for Graduation and Commencement
Catalog Use
Change of Grade
Continuous Enrollment
Course Prerequisites/Corequisites
Courses and Credit Requirements
Dissertation Process and Forms
Document Policies
Extension of time - Graduate Level Incompletes
Final Examinations
Full-time/Part-time Enrollment
Grade Appeals Policy
Graduate Committees - Departmental
Graduate Seniors Taking Graduate Courses for Graduate Credit
Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Credit
Immunization Policy
Incomplete Grade Policy

Request for Extension of time - Graduate Level Incompletes
Capstone Courses with Extended Time for "I" Grades

Notification to Students on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974
Oral English Proficiency Appeal
Repeatable Courses
Research - Human Subjects
Retaking Failed Courses
Retaking Passed Courses
Right of Academic Appeal
Student Responsibility
Thesis Process
Time to Complete Degree/Revalidation of Courses

Revalidation Chart

Transfer of Credit
Variable Credit Courses
Withdrawal Policy