The Acquisitions/Cataloging (AcqCat) Unit is responsible for acquiring and organizing library materials and resources to facilitate access to the collection. AcqCat staff are responsible for the following duties: monitoring and disbursement of the library's materials budget; bibliographic verification, ordering, receiving and payment related to books, periodicals and non-print media; cataloging materials; collection, sorting and distribution of the library's mail; binding of periodicals and books; and processing of gifts to the library. The unit is closely connected to and works in conjunction with the Collection Development area.


Haley Hickenbottom
Library Operations Associate
Unit Coordinator
Phone: 309/298-2735
Diane Billeter
Library Specialist
Sharon Brown
Senior Library Specialist
Shirley Haworth
Senior Library Specialist
Greg Phelps
Library Specialist
Heather Piper
Library Specialist
Connie Pollock
Library Specialist
Mike Wallick
Library Specialist