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Applying for Graduation

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Download Application and open in Adobe Acrobat to utilize as fillable PDF form.

Please note: To protect the safety of all participants, the Fall 2020 Commencement Ceremony to be held on December 19, 2020 will take place as a Virtual Commencement Ceremony.

Additional information is available on the BGS Ceremony Info web page or on the Registrar's Commencement web page.

Graduation applications must be filed with the General Studies Graduation Department by October 23, 2020 for names to appear in the commencement program for Fall 2020.

Prior to the Semester in Which You Plan to Graduate

You must: submit the BGS Graduation Application form to the Macomb BGS program office by the application deadlines.

Please contact the General Studies Degree Program Office if you need assistance with the Graduation Application form.

Upon receipt of your completed Graduation Application, BGS staff will email you to let you know it was received. After BGS staff finish processing your application, the graduation supervisor will email you a letter and a copy of your WARD.

Graduation Application - Important Deadlines 

Contact your advisor if you have missed the appropriate deadline.

  • Fall Semester: July 15
  • Spring Semester: November 15
  • Summer Session: April 15*

*Summer Session: If you plan to have your graduation requirements completed at the end of the summer session, you are permitted to participate in the May ceremony of the same year. In order to have your name appear in the spring graduation commencement program , your graduation application for summer MUST be received in the Macomb BGS program office before March 10th to allow time for processing.

NOTE: Graduating BGS students who will be unable to participate in a commencement ceremony held at either the Macomb campus or the Moline campus due to being place bound may be eligible to participate in a commencement ceremony held at their community college campus. The students must have earned an associate's degree from the community college, and the community college campus must be located a minimum of 100 miles from both the WIU-QC Moline campus and the WIU Macomb campus. To find out more about this graduation option and to discuss eligibility, please contact the Macomb BGS program office at 309/298-1929.

Deadlines to request a community college commencement ceremony option are:

  • February 1 - May commencement ceremony
  • September 1 - December commencement ceremony