A Message from Dean Michael Lorenzen

A picture of Dean Michael Lorenzen

WIU Libraries consists of the Malpass, the Curriculum, the Music, and the Quad-Cities Libraries. Our collection is much richer today than in the past because of our consortia memberships with other libraries and organizations across the country and the increasing numbers of electronic resources available over the Internet. Today WIU Libraries consists of over 1 million volumes, more than 23,000 print and full text e-periodical subscriptions, 350,000 government resources & maps, over 115 subscription-only bibliographic databases, outstanding digital research collections and much more. Please bookmark the library website which serves as the window to our library services and resources.

For those interested in history our Archives and Special Collections Division is well known for its outstanding collection of west-central Illinois regional materials. We are committed to the public, making our collections accessible to all Illinois residents and beyond. We work with faculty and community partners to enhance our collections as demonstrated in our recent CARLI grants.

I encourage you to participate in the wide variety of education programs we offer to introduce you to our traditional as well as electronic resources.

Please visit us often, either physically or virtually, and learn how University Libraries can help you along your educational path and how you can help University Libraries become a richer resource of information. Consider joining the Library's Atrium Society and make a difference in the lives of WIU students for generations to come.

I welcome your suggestions!

Dr. Michael G. Lorenzen (CV)
Dean of Libraries