Complete Remote Database Access

Illustration of a computer

Continuing to meet the research needs of distance learners, the WIU Libraries have implemented a new remote authentication system to facilitate access to the library's online resources. Virtually all of the library's 100+ subscription databases are now available to WIU users around the world. Remote users may access over 13,700 full-text periodicals representing millions of scholarly and popular articles.

The "EZproxy" proxy server authentication system is popular among academic libraries wanting to make subscription resources more broadly available to their users. Remote users will generally not need to make any changes to their browser settings since an URL activates the authentication process. When you click on a link to an online library resource, EZProxy checks whether your computer is on-campus or off.

  • If you are on-campus, you will bypass EZProxy and be sent directly to the resource.
  • If you are off-campus, you will be required to login with either your WIU Library ID Number or your WIU ECOM username and password, then sent to the resource.

The new service provides remote access to over 30 bibliographic databases not previously available from remote locations including JSTOR (complete full-text of over 300 scholarly journals), netLibrary (over 2,900 e-books), Biological and Agricultural Index, BNA Tax Portfolios, Criminal Justice Abstracts, MathSciNet, SIAM, Sociological Abstracts, Gerritsen Collection (over 2 million full-text pages), Oxford English Dictionary, Readers' Guide Abstracts, Leisure Recreation & Tourism Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts, Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, several full-text chemistry and physics collections and Value Line). For more information, please contact Hunt Dunlap at 298-2745 or 1-800-413-6544.