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The WIU Libraries recently acquired online access to the Value Line Investment Survey, one of the most widely used independent investment information services in the world. Its up-to-date, weekly issues provide a comprehensive reference covering some 1,700 equity issues.

For each stock Value Line offers year-ahead and three to five-year probable relative price performance, projections of key financial measures, and concise, objective commentary on current operations and future prospects.

The Value Line Investment Survey's main section, "Ratings & Reports," presents full-page, individual stock reports (encapsulating the company's past performance, current status, and outlook) and industry reviews. The "Summary & Index" provides a key to locating the latest quarterly and supplementary reports and cites the most recent data on each of the stocks followed. Finally, "Selection & Opinion," a feature section, gives Value Line's views on the economy and the stock market and on stocks of special interest. It also provides model portfolios for investors with various objectives and a number of economic and stock-market statistics.