DVD's & Videos

Illustration of a movie camera and some reels of film with the text Browse Our DVD's and Videos.

Come browse our DVD's and videos on the 3rd level of the Leslie F. Malpass Library. Previously, one could only search for these materials by using our catalog or printed lists. Now the collection can be browsed easily on the shelf, in the same manner as our books and print periodicals. We have thousands and thousands of DVD's and videos in our collections, including special collections of films from Africa and also our renowned collection of GLBT films. There are all sorts of titles, ranging from historical documentaries to romantic comedies. Stop by the 3rd level of the Malpass Library for a look. There is no charge for borrowing these materials from the University Libraries! It is even possible to watch these materials within the library by using our public access computers or viewing carrels.

If you'd like to search our online catalog for films and need help, contact the Reference Desk at 309-298-2700 or visit our "Ask a Librarian" page.