Visiting Professor from France to present, "European Union: Icarian or Banana Republic?"

Photo of a gavel and the text Visiting Professor Lecture

From May 20-22, Professor Theodore Georgopoulos, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Wine & Law Program at the University of Reims Law School in Champagne, France will visit the Baxter-Snyder Center for Icarian Studies at the Western Illinois University Archives and Special Collections Unit to conduct research on law in the Icarian colonies.

In conjunction with his visit, Professor Georgopoulos will deliver a lecture entitled "European Union: Icarian or Banana Republic?" He will link the Icarian experience with contemporary questions. Specifically, he will discuss the current political situation in Europe and the failure of the integration dream by comparing it to the Icarian adventure of the Nineteenth Century. In both cases, law was supposed to ensure their success. In Icaria, the collapse was total. With European integration, the jury is still out.

Bring your lunch and listen to Professor Georgopoulos on Tuesday, May 21 at 12 noon in Room 180 of the Leslie F. Malpass Library. He will speak for approximately 20 minutes and will field questions about his research and work in France. The lecture is open to the public and attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch.

Professor Georgopoulos' visit is sponsored by the Baxter-Snyder Center for Icarian Studies and Western Illinois University Libraries. Contact Jeff Hancks at 298-2717 with questions about this event.