Student Honors Association Blood Drive

Banner image with text and droplet images representing blood.

The Student Honors Association, student organization of the Centennial Honors College, will host a blood drive on Friday, April 17th, from 9 AM to 1:30 PM, in the Garden Lounge of the Malpass Library. The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC) will facilitate the blood drive.

“Blood donations save lives, and providing our community with opportunities to contribute like this is part of both WIU’s and the Student Honor Association’s commitment to service,’ said Academic Honors Advisor Michele Aurand. “Our service chair, Emily Banigan, is organizing this event, and her hard work in putting this together sets a great example,” she added. Banigan explained that by holding the event in the library, the SHA hopes “to make it easier for people to fit a blood donation into their day.”

Those wishing to donate should arrive well-fed, rested, and hydrated, and bring ID. For detailed information about your eligibility to donate, check the MVRBC site at

For more information, contact Aurand at 309/298-2228 or via email at