Remembering the ‘60s: Groovy Discussion Panels for Spring

Still frame from the movie Easy Rider, with text bubble saying Remember the 60s?.

University Libraries asked if anyone remembered the ‘60s, and the response was overwhelmingly ‘yes.’ Owing to such a positive response, the Libraries will be hosting three discussions of the 1960s throughout the spring semester: February 23rd, March 26th, and April 8th. All three groovy discussions will take place in Room 180 of the Malpass Library, from noon to 1 PM.

Aspects of that powerful decade slated for discussion include protests, music, the rise of humanistic psychology, and changes in student life at WIU. All are welcome to attend and hear the accounts of those who experienced these events first-hand, and to compare them to portrayals of the ‘60s in popular culture since then.

As Gil Scot Heron said, "The revolution will not be televised," but it can be remembered. The panel will serve to put these various forms of remembering the ‘60s in dialogue with one another.

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