3rd Annual Pennycress Field Day

May 3, 2012 Field Tour

Finally, we had wonderful weather for the plot tours. With the unseasonably warm weather this spring, the field day was 4 weeks earlier than last year. This years tour was well attend by 35+ producers, industry, USDA and University researchers,and students.

Dr. Phippen gives a brief overview on pennycress production and introduces the variety trials

Producers have a chance to look over the 62 entries in the variety trials.

A producer looking over recent data collected on planting dates in Illinois and the impact on total oil accumulation in seed.

Dr. Phippen explains symptoms of heat stress from very warm weather in March.

Guest speaker and USDA researcher, Dr. Terry Isbell gives an update on pennycress product development in fuels and other industrial applications.

Mature pennycress seed pods.

Dr. Phippen explains September to Mid-October looks to be the best time to plant pennycress in Illinois.

Dr. Phippen discusses fall nitrogen applications and the effects across three different varieties.

Guest speaker and producer, Brad Glenn, gives an update on the large scale production of pennycress in Illinois.

Overview of the 2012 pennycress research plots at Western Illinois University.