8th Annual Pennycress Field Day

May 18, 2017 Field Tour

A gorgeous day for a plot tour. The spring pennycress lines are well into the dry down phase of maturity, while the winter lines are still a week or so behind. Everything should be harvested by the end of May. The plots looked great. This year's tour was well attended by producers, industry, USDA and University researchers, and students.

Pennycress research plots

Dr. Phippen gives a brief overview of results from past pennycress research projects on variety trails and fungicide treatments.

Dr. Phippen demonstrating impact of population density study.

Dr. Phippen dicusses WIU breeding program on Winter and Spring type pennycress

Dr. Phippen identifies critical traits in breeding program

Tractor ride to new WIU greenhouses.

Dr. Phippen shows EMS mutant penncyress plants with unique characteristics.


Bulk seed increases of spring pennycress lines

Spring type variety trails

Dr. Phippen discusses fungicide trails.

Dr. Phippen shows extra large seed pod mutant lines with attendees.

Attendees examine potential disease symptoms in pennycress.

Dr. Phippen discusses current ISU breeding program on pennycress.

Dr. Phippen discusses ALS resistance in pennycress.