University Technology

WIU Secure Wireless

To ensure your security, the Western Illinois University wireless network utilizes a secure authentication mechanism known as 802.1X. This security mechanism protects your user name, password and all transmitted data using network encryption. To utilize this secure network, your network connection requires specific settings.

How Do I Connect to Secure Wireless?

To connect laptops, tablets & smartphones

Start by connecting to the "WIU-Setup" network, opening a browser, and following the on-screen instructions to register the device. After registering, your device will be allowed to connect to one of two wireless networks, depending on who you are:

  • The network named "WIU" will be the primary network used by registered students, faculty and staff. Eventually, this network will fully replace the "WIU-Secure" network that is currently in use. 
  • The network named "WIU-Public" will allow the general public and guests to WIU wifi access. Eventually, this network will fully replace the "WIU-Guest" network that is currently in use.
To connect multimedia and gaming devices (Xbox, Playstation, TiVo, etc.)

If you need to connect an Xbox, Playstation, TiVo, Chromecast, Roku or other device that doesn't support WPA2-Enterprise, visit, log in with your ECom username and password, and complete the "MAC Registration" process to register your device. You will need your device's MAC address, often times found within the settings or on the back/bottom of the device. After registering, you will be provided login details for connecting the device to the "WIU-Device" wireless network.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Secure Wireless Available?
View a complete list of the locations wireless access is available on campus (link will open in a new window).
Why Should I Use Secure Wireless?
Secure wireless will encrypt all data you transmit, meaning that your usernames, passwords and other sensitive data cannot be intercepted or viewed by others. On an unsecure wireless connection, you are susceptible to having your data, including usernames and passwords, viewed by others on the network.  Unsecure wireless should only be used to browse the internet, never to log into any web sites or resources that require usernames or passwords or to submit sensitive information.
Why do I need to register my device to connect to wireless?
A few reasons. First, students and employees that register devices that support WPA2-Enterprise will be issued a certificate that will grant access to Wi-Fi. You won't need to enter your ECom username or password into your device's network settings. This means that when your ECom password expires or is changed, you no longer need to remember to change your password on your multiple wireless devices! Devices registered in this manner will be granted four years of Wi-Fi access (or until you are no longer a student or employee of WIU).

Secondly, the new wireless registration process allows a way to securely connect common multimedia and gaming devices to wireless. Connecting your Xbox or TiVo to Wi-Fi in your residence hall room just got a whole lot easier! Devices registered in this manner will be granted two years of Wi-Fi access (or until you are no longer a student or employee of WIU).
I'm not a WIU student or employee. Can I use WIU's Wi-Fi?
Yes, the public can use WIU's Wi-Fi by connecting to the "WIU-Setup" network and completing the Guest registration process. Guests must provide a valid email address or cell phone number in order to receive a verification code, and will be granted 24-hours of Wi-Fi access via the "WIU-Public" network. Guests will need to re-register after 24-hours; if longer access is required, please contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704.
I Need Assistance Connecting; Who Do I Contact?
Please contact the uTech Support Center by calling (309) 298-2704 or e-mailing You can also chat with us online at