Student Life


 Located in Memorial Hall 125 

The Student Development & Success Center (SD&SC) is available for all WIU students and alumni:

Face to Face, Telephone appointments, Email communications

To schedule an appointment please call us at 309-298-1884

Stop by the front desk during our open hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 to 4:30

Miss an Appointment? Need to Reschedule?

  • If you cannot make your appointment, you must call our office to reschedule. We will only reschedule appointments for you three times in one semester.
  • If you miss TWO appointments without contacting our office, you will not be allowed to make any more appointments for the rest of the semester.

Expectations - Attire and Behavior

  • Professional attire is NOT required at your appointment unless you are participating in a Mock Interview.
  • Remove headphones from your ears, do not text during your appointment, and be actively engaged in your appointment with the staff member.
  • When you come in for your appointment, greet yourself to a front staff member. They will direct you to sign-in on our computer kiosk station and the career adviser will be with you as soon as they are able.
If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you may be asked to reschedule!

Initiative is one of the top five skills that employers are looking for. Start developing YOUR initiative today by following up with your career advisor after your appointment!

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Students who participate in a Professionalism & Post-Graduation Appointment will:

  • Discuss topics including salary negotiations, accepting job offers, dressing professionally, maintaining a professional image, building a positive reputation at the workplace, and financial planning.
  • Discover skills, educational training, and experiences that need to be accomplished after graduating from Western Illinois University.
  • Create a career management plan and identify two additional career options if the original plan does not get implemented.

Students who participate in Career Planning Appointments will:

  1. Gain an understanding of and articulate their personal values, interests, skills, roles, and future goals and how they relate to career options
  2. Conduct career research on career paths that match their values, interests, skills, roles, and future goals
  3. Choose a potential career area and learn strategies to gain the necessary skills, education, and requirements to be employable in the selected career area
  4. Identify current and future ways the Career Development Center can support them throughout their next steps of career development

Students who participate in Resume Review or Resume Building Appointments will:

  1. Describe in their own words the importance of resumes and their role in their individual job search
  2. Summarize their experiences and skills and articulate them on their resume
  3. Construct effective bullet points explaining their experiences and integrating their transferable skills>
  4. Identify different types of resume organization and explain why their resume will be unique based on both their experiences and the job that they are applying for

Students who participate in Cover Letter Review Appointments will:

  1. Describe in their own words the importance of cover letters and their role in their individual job search
  2. Summarize their experiences and skills and articulate them on their cover letter
  3. Construct effective sentences within their cover letter explaining their experiences and integrating their transferable skills
  4. Identify how the cover letter is different than the resume and how both documents will complement each other
  5. Use a job description to construct sentences and skills tailored for one position and articulate the importance of having a new cover letter for each job application

Students who participate in Mock Interviews will:

  1. Define the various types of interview questions: common, behavioral, situational, and illegal
  2. Practice responding to interview questions and have the option to video record the interview for feedback
  3. Identify areas of strengths and areas that need improvement to understand how they will be perceived in an interview setting and perform accordingly at their next interview

Students who participate in Job/Internship Searching Appointments will:

  1. Select an industry to focus their job/internship search efforts and create an action plan of how to obtain a position at a company
  2. Identify individuals in their professional and personal network, and prepare emails or verbal communication strategies to inquire about job opportunities with those contacts
  3. Modify professional documents, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills to match the industry selected

Students who participate in LinkedIn Appointments will:

  1. Articulate the purpose of LinkedIn and identify ways it can be used to network and in Career Development
  2. Navigate through the LinkedIn website to be able to locate their profile, the search bar, their notifications center, and their messaging center
  3. Create their free profile by minimally completing their Summary, Education, Tag Line, Custom URL, and adding Skills
  4. Start listing relevant work experience, volunteer experience, organizations, honors, etc. and articulate in detailed short sentences or bullet points accomplishments for each item on their profile page
  5. Identify how to add connections and groups utilizing the search bar and filters