Student Life

Four-Year Plan

First-Year: Awareness

  • Check out the Career Planning link and locate to research various careers.
  • Get involved with on-campus activities or volunteer work that interests you.
  • Talk to faculty members, upperclassmen, family, and friends to learn about majors/careers.
  • Register on Leatherneck Link to learn about internship/job possibilities.
  • Meet with a Career Development Center (CDC) staff member to get started on your own personal "Four-Year Plan."
  • Start a rough draft of your resume. Figure out where you need more “experience” on your resume.
  • Attend the Spring Career Fair to gain awareness of companies that are hiring.
  • Add our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog to your personal social media accounts.

Sophomore: Exploration

  • Write or update your resume from last year. Upload your resume to Leatherneck Link.
  • Meet with a CDC staff member to have your resume critiqued.
  • Use the O*Net online to research job descriptions, skills, requirements. Which ones do you still need to enhance or develop?
  • Explore study-abroad options related to your interests.
  • Continue to get involved on-campus and take on more responsibilities.
  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in the fields you are interested in.
  • Job shadow a current professional within your field of interest.
  • Attend the Career Fairs to gain awareness of companies that are hiring.
  • Create a LinkedIn account and work on enhancing your profile.
  • Sign up for a mock interview in the CDC to prepare you for internship interviews.
  • Obtain a summer internship or part-time job.

Junior: Experience

  • Network at the Career Fairs and obtain another summer internship or part-time job.
  • Consider job shadowing another professional within or outside your field of interest.
  • Complete another mock interview to start practicing interviewing for full-time positions.
  • Get involved with a professional association in your field of interest.
  • Attend CDC workshops on networking, interviewing, job searching, grad school prep, resume/cover letter writing and more.
  • Take the University 390: Career Preparation Course offered through the CDC.
  • Continue to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through extra-curriculars.
  • Update your resume and get it critiqued by a CDC staff member. Learn how to write a cover letter.
  • Conduct Informational Interviews with alumni and family friends to explore career paths within your field of interest.
  • Consider if Graduate School is the right choice for you. Start researching possible schools and programs of interest.
  • Start compiling a list of networking contacts.
  • Continue to update your LinkedIn profile and use your connections to find internships or get recommendations.

Senior: Transition

  • Research potential employers through Leatherneck Link,, and other related sites.
  • If attending graduate school prepare applications and required materials.
  • Conduct another mock interview to practice for graduate school interviews or full-time employment.
  • Start job searching/interviewing 6-9 months prior to graduation.
  • Utilize the CDC website for job search resources.
  • Use your LinkedIn account to research companies and ask questions to professionals within your field.
  • Perfect your resume and cover letters.
  • Attend the Career Fairs as part of your job search process.
  • Start purchasing professional clothing. Clothes are expensive and you don’t want to buy them all at once.
  • Make sure you are healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, etc. for the job search process.
  • Be prepared to work independently and also able to work on a diverse team.
  • Volunteer or work part-time if full-time employment is not obtained after graduation.

*Some information borrowed from the University of Pennsylvania

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