Student Life

Becoming A Mentor:

Being a mentor is an opportunity for you to share your experience, knowledge and skills with a Western student. You will act as a coach and guide with the intent to assist your mentee’s personal and professional growth

The program is structured and designed with the schedule of a busy professional and busy student in mind. Your available time and the student's level of need drives the nature of the Mentor-Mentee relationship. Time commitment is about an hour per month and most communication is by email or phone/text. Mentors and Mentees meet in person only if their schedules allow.

To ensure a positive and beneficial experience, we ask that mentors possess:

  • Strong interpersonal skills and self-awareness
  • At least three years of professional experience
  • A network to draw on as a resource to assist their mentee

Mentors do not need to be graduates of Western Illinois University to participate. You simply need a desire to guide the college students of today and an understanding of generational differences and values.

Apply To Be A Mentor

In the application, you can select the number of mentees you are comfortable mentoring and how often you want to be contacted about developing a Mentor-Mentee relationship. The WIU Career Development Center does not match you with a student. The students have access to the master list of mentors through Leatherneck Link and they select which individuals they are interested in possibly having a Mentor-Mentee relationship. It is up to YOU as the mentor to reach out to those students who inquire about your availability and willingness to mentor. The student is able to end the professional relationship at any time

If you have further questions about the program, please contact the WIU Career Development Center at or 309-298-1838.