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Go West Statistics
FY-2016 Ridership to Date 1,528,107
Since 2/22/99 24.6 million
Estimate for FY16 1.65 million
Change from FY15 to FY16 -15%
Change over 5 year Trend -19%
ALL-TIME weekly record 71,156 (Oct 24 - 30, 2011)
ALL-TIME daily record 15,885 (Oct 29, 2011)
Weekly ridership 1999-2000 19,876
Weekly "in session" ridership FY -2015 54,490
Total Ridership FY-2015 1,812,642
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WELCOME to WIU and Macomb!

All Routes Running Break Schedule- (atm)

This includes:

Municipal Break Routes:  Routes 12, 15, 17,18, 19, 24 & 26

On the evening of Friday August 19 (tonight):  

We are unleashing the 2016-17 routes.

Starting with:

the New "IN SESSION" Routes: 

Brown 5 will kick off the new season with a slightly different running time that places it in the Quad at either :00 or :30 of the hour, and with a :10 or :40 leave time at the City Center.  You might also find some differences in how it deals with the Business Sector.

Black 7 will come online as usual, taking care of those people who should not be driving.  There will not, however, be a Burgundy 8 this year.  Service to Aspen Court will be handled by a specifically designated Black 7 "Aspen" Bus that will make sure people from the southwest off campus housing get home safely.

On Saturday, look for our NEW 25/55 routes:

A New Version of Route 12 South that runs Identical to Route 19 Southwest up to Grant street and goes to Harmony lane, then back the same way it came.  It will run every hour starting at :25

Route 17 Northeast will be the same, though it will now be a 25/55 route.

A New Route 18 Southeast that runs every half hour to the Hospital, Jefferson House, Wesley Village and Grand Prairie as well as K-Mart.

Route 19 Southwest will be very much the same, but will run every hour at :55.

On the flip side will be the two Brown 5  buses starting at 10:10 AM and 10:40 AM, giving solid service from campus to the city all day and all night long.

Also, you will see two Gold 2  buses during the meal time hours, getting students to that "way over there" Dining Center for both lunch and Dinner.

Finish off the evening with the Saturday Black 7  Route buses, making sure all is good on the western front.


You will See the Amtrak Route, with  Brown 5  and Gold 2 , capped off with a Maroon 6 for those early bird studiers at the library.

Monday morning:

The Carousel and the 10/40's will join the 25/55's as we pull into full gear.

Purple 1:   Circles Campus Clockwise.

11 City Purple:   Does what Purple 1 does,
     ---but also runs to the City Center  (--/40 bus)

Gold 2:   Circles Campus Counterclockwise.

16 Northwest City Gold:  Does what Gold 2 does,
     ---but also goes to the City Center  (10/40 bus)

Blue 3:   Gets you to and from the off campus housing to the west.

13 Silver West:  Does what Blue 3 does (backwards)
     ---but also goes to the City Center  (10/40 bus)

12 South :  (25/-- bus)  City Center and South including the Square and the High School.

14 North:  (10/-- bus) City Center and North including River Run and the North Quad.

15 East:  (10/40 bus) City Center and East to the Business sector.

17 Northeast: (25/55 bus) City Center and Northeast to the Business sector.

18 Southeast: (25/55 bus) City Center and Southeast including Jefferson House and the Hospital.

19 Southwest: (--/55 bus) City Center and Southwest including Bridgeway, DMV, and the Square.


Fare Information

All routes are fare-free. Go West is now the only unlimited access bus system in the state of Illinois!

Lost and Found:

Office Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM Monday - Friday, at 701 East Pierce.  Please call with a description of your lost item and what route it might have been lost.  (309) 575-3333

Contact Info

Go West Transit

701 E Pierce
Email: GoWest@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 575-3333
Fax: (309) 575-3014