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Go West Statistics
FY-2015 Ridership to Date 166,059
Since 2/22/99 21.2 million
Estimate for FY15 2.0 million
Change from FY13 to FY14 +4.9%
ALL-TIME weekly record 71,156 (Oct 24 - 30, 2011)
ALL-TIME daily record 15,885 (Oct 29, 2011)
Weekly ridership 1999-2000 19,876
Weekly "in session" ridership Fy -2014 57,989
Total Ridership FY-2014 1,978,236
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Service Advisories

All routes running 2014 - 15 Session Routes!  As in:

  • Carousel Routes
  • Nights and Weekends Routes
  • Municipal Session Routes


25/55 Routes Leave the City Center at :25 and :55 after the hour.

These are:

10/40 Routes Leave the City Center at :10 and :40 after the hour.

These are:

New Campus Night Route?

Check out the new Maroon 6!  It covers all your "around campus" needs from 6 PM to Midnight.

----> Maroon 6 runs INSTEAD of Purple or Gold, at night.

East Village:  Although there is no Purple Night Route, You have Brown 5 coming every half hour, and you can catch Maroon 6 - one block north at Charles/Murray, or one block south at Charles/Adams.

Map Errata:  On the Municipal Session Map, Route 16 (2) Gold Northwest DOES go to the City Center, it diverts from 2 Gold route at Pierce street. See Route 16 on the web pages for corrected Map.

---> And Yes, Route 16 Gold is (for all practical purposes) a Gold 2 bus.

Fare Information

All routes are fare-free. Go West is now the only unlimited access bus system in the state of Illinois!

Contact Info

Go West Transit

701 E Pierce
Email: GoWest@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 575-3333
Fax: (309) 575-3014