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Go West Statistics
FY-2015 Ridership to Date 439,753
Since 2/22/99 21.7 million
Estimate for FY15 1.9 million
Change from FY14 to FY15 -6%
ALL-TIME weekly record 71,156 (Oct 24 - 30, 2011)
ALL-TIME daily record 15,885 (Oct 29, 2011)
Weekly ridership 1999-2000 19,876
Weekly "in session" ridership Fy -2014 57,989
Total Ridership FY-2014 1,978,236
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Service Advisories:

All routes running 2014 - 15 Session Routes!  As in:

  • Carousel Routes
  • Nights and Weekends Routes
  • Municipal Session Routes

Friday October 10:  Routes 1-8 run Saturday Schedule; 12-19 run regular schedules.  Route 10 will run the morning Run.

Halloween approaching!

On October 31 we will be running Maroon 6 until 2 AM, as well as increased Services (an extra bus) on Routes 7 and 8.  Be Safe! and have Fun!

Also... Deep in the depths of history, before Go West, there were failed attempts at a transit system... buses doomed to an ignominious death out in the desolate wastes of western ave and University Drive... Those lost souls have been seen of late, trying to steal our oldest bus; the symbol of their failures... It is our fear that they may succeed on the night of all hallows eve... keep an eye out for W15, and be ware of who may be driving it... One never knows who might be going west on the eve of shadows. 

Map Errata: 

On the Municipal Session Map, Route 16 (2) Gold Northwest DOES go to the City Center, it diverts from 2 Gold route at Pierce street. See Route 16 on the web pages for corrected Map.

---> And Yes, Route 16 Gold is (for all practical purposes) a Gold 2 bus.

Fare Information

All routes are fare-free. Go West is now the only unlimited access bus system in the state of Illinois!

Contact Info

Go West Transit

701 E Pierce
Email: GoWest@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 575-3333
Fax: (309) 575-3014