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Go West Statistics
FY-2017 Ridership to Date 1,345,942
Since 2/22/99 25.926 million
Estimate for FY16 1.35 million
Change from FY16 to FY17 -12%
Change over 5 year Trend -25%
ALL-TIME weekly record 71,156 (Oct 24 - 30, 2011)
ALL-TIME daily record 15,885 (Oct 29, 2011)
Weekly ridership 1999-2000 19,876
Weekly "in session" ridership FY -2015 54,490
Total Ridership FY-2016 1,550,624
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Summer is almost over!

WELCOME BACK, and Welcome to WIU and Macomb!

New Routes Take over on Friday 8/18 at 6:00 pm.

Web Pages are updated. Maps are Available soon.

Look for the following changes on the 2017-2018 routes --

---each of the following changes have been made with careful consideration of our riders needs, alongside all external factors (construction, ownership of property, business changes, etc)

Purple 1 :  New Stop at Stipes Hall

Gold 2 :  No change.

Blue 3 :  No change

Brown 5 : Kmart Removed, Plaza Stop added, Aldi Stop added. 

Maroon 6 :  Errata: will end at 10:00 PM instead of Midinght on Monday - Thursday.  Stipes Hall Stop added.

Black 7 :  No change

11 City Purple :  This year runs also at 9:10 AM, 12:10 PM, and 3:10 PM.

12 South : Runs on :55 of each hour instead of :25.  Changed access to the square.

13 West : Only runs on :40 of each hour, except 9:10 AM, 12:10 PM and 3:10 PM (at which times it also runs)

14 North : Moved to a :25 Run each hour, alternating with Route 18.  Also added an early morning run from River run at 7:22 in River Run.

15 East : Added Aldi Stop, Moved Kmart Stop, changed access to the Square.

16 Northwest : Changed access to the Square.

17 Northeast : No change.

18 Southwest : Will run only once an hour, alternating with Route 14.  Will run on the :55 of each hour.

19 Southeast : DMV is Request only, Runs on :25 each hour instead of :55.  Changed access to the Square


Fare Information

All routes are fare-free. Go West is the only unlimited access bus system in the state of Illinois!

Lost and Found:

Office Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM Monday - Friday, at 701 East Pierce.  Please call with a description of your lost item and what route it might have been lost.  (309) 575-3333

Contact Info

Go West Transit

701 E Pierce
Email: GoWest@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 575-3333
Fax: (309) 575-3014