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Recruitment Information

Recruitment is the mutual selection process by which the Potential New Member, or PNM, (you) and the fraternities or sororities determine the best fit for membership. It is a mutual process where you have the opportunity to decide which organization(s) would be a good fit for you and where each organization determines who they would like invite to be a member.

During recruitment you will meet many members from each organization and have the opportunity to gauge whether or not a particular organization is a good place for you. While all organizations strive to create better men and women, each chapter is different and has a different personality. The goal of recruitment is to determine if Fraternity/Sorority Life is for you and where you find the best fit.

While some specific organizations may have higher standards or additional requirements, the minimum standard requirement to participate in recruitment is:

  • Enrollment as an full time WIU student (enrolled in at least 12 credit hours).
  • A minimum 2.500 cumulative college or high school grade point average .
    • Exact grade point averages are used and will not be rounded up or down.
    • Students who have completed at least 12 college credit hours will have their cumulative college grade point average considered for eligibility purposes.
    • Please note that some organizations may require a higher grade point average to join.
  • Students enrolled through the Office of Academic Services (OAS) should consult their academic advisor regarding eligibility.
    • Students enrolled in OAS must obtain a waiver through their academic advisor to be eligible for recruitment

Recruitment Processes are is different for each council.  Click below to learn more:

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Important Recruitment Dates for Fall 2018:

April 1: Registration/Interest Forms Open for all Councils

August 20: Fraternity/Sorority 101 Info Session
5:00pm - Captial Room

August 29: Activities Fair
3:00-5:00pm - University Union Grand Ballroom

August 31 - September 22: IFC Recruitment Kickoff
See Advertisements and PurplePost for Details

September 5: Panhellenic Preview Recruitment Event
6:00-9:00pm - University Union Brattain Lounge

September 6: PHC Recruitment Orientation
For Registered Potential New Members
7:30-9:00pm - Union Heritage Ballroom

September 7: PHC Recruitment Registration Closes @ noon

September 7-19 PHC Recruitment
For Registered Potential New Members
Times Vary - University Union

September 13: First Date for IFC Chapters to Extend Bids

Spring Recruitment Information:
During the spring semester, fraternity and sorority chapters recruit individually and there is no formal recruitment process. For information on fraternity and sorority life, and to learn how to participate in spring recruitment, please contact


Interfraternity Council (Fraternity) Recruitment

IFC Website  |  IFC On PurplePost 2.0

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The IFC recruitment period is a year long process or what we call "365 recruitment.  Typically the beginning of each semester is the time when most students join a fraternity but a bid for membership can be given out at any time.  During that time, each chapter will host multiple recruitment events (also known as "interest parties") so that they can get to know you and you can get to know them.

During recruitment, the chapter will ask for your authorization to verify your academic eligibility for membership. Each organization has eligibility requirements for membership. While some specific organizations may have higher standards, the minimum standard requirement is a 2.50 WIU GPA or a 2.50 high school GPA for entering first year students. Students on OAS status are not eligible to participate in recruitment. At the conclusion of recruitment, chapters will issue bids, which are an invitation to join the organization. By accepting a bid, you are accepting membership in that particular fraternity. All IFC chapters are permitted to issue bids at any time, and many do so throughout the spring and fall semesters, not just during the traditional recruitment periods at the beginning of each semester. Greek Life is an incredible way to get involved around campus, meet an extraordinary amount of friends, and gain new experiences which will help guide your success in years to come. Don't listen to the stereotypes portrayed in movies or rumors spread throughout, participate in recruitment and discover fraternity life for yourself. IFC wishes you the best of wishes throughout your experiences in recruitment as well as an undergraduate at Western Illinois University.

For further information, please contact Interfraternity Council at

Panhellenic Council (Sorority)

PHC Website PHC On PurplePost 2.0 | PHC Recruitment Info Sheet

Formal Recruitment Process

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Fall Recruitment: Panhellenic sorority recruitment for Fall 2017 will be September 7-10.  Registration is open May 1 - September 6.  During the summer months the registration fee is $35.  Registration increases will be August 21 (to $40) and August 31 (to $45).  The registration fee covers the cost of snacks, transportation to the houses, and a "swag bag" of useful items during recruitment.

During Panhellenic sorority recruitment, you will have the opportunity to learn about and visit each chapter multiple times before selecting the chapter where you want to become a member. Each potential member will be assigned a Rho Gamma (Recruitment Guide), who is a current sorority woman volunteering to assist with the entire recruitment process. Recruitment culminates with Bid Day on September 10, 2017 on Hanson Field, at which time participating women may receive a bid for membership. 

You can register for Panhellenic sorority recruitment online. Registration closes at 11:59 pm on September 6, 2017.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB)

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Outside of the Formal Recruitment Process, organizations who still have membership spaces available, will continue to recruit women into the organization.  Organizations will advertise different events throughout the semester for women interested in joining the organization.


United Greek Council (Cultural Interest Fraternity/Sorority) Intake

UGC Website  |  UGC On PurplePost 2.0

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All organizations within the UGC conduct unique intake processes.  Some organizations, but not all, will require aspirants (potential members) to be of sophomore status (30 college credits completed).  Students interested in joining a UGC organization should make contact with the organization leadership to understand the requirements for membership.  All contact information for UGC organization leadership can be found on their organization's PurplePost 2.0 pages.

Thoughts on Being Greek

What is the best part about being Greek?

To me the best part of being Greek, are my sisters. Many people say you pay for your friends when you are in a sorority, and if that's how they see it -- my friends are so worth it because when you join a sorority you form friendships that are so strong you no longer call that person a friend, but rather a sister.

-- Colleen Pratl