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Buy a Brick. Build Your Legacy!

The WIU Alumni Plaza Project is a unique opportunity for you to become a permanent fixture of campus and preserve your legacy as a part of our great University.

You, your family, business or student organization can purchase a personalized brick which will be installed in the new Alumni Plaza, just a few steps away from the University Union, Hanson Field, and future home of the Mascot Memorial Plaza which will pay tribute to WIU's past and present live mascots, Col. Rock.

This will ensure that thousands of students, alumni and campus visitors will recognize your role as the foundation of Western Illinois University.

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Alumni Plaza

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To find your brick please search by the purchaser's name.

Name Location
Adden, Steven J West
Ag Mech Club North
Ahitow, Rodney East
Albanese, Kelli West
Allison, Brenda North
Allvin, Kathleen West
Alpha Kappa Alpha West
Alpha Phi Alpha East
Alpha Phi Omega East
Alpha Sigma Alpha West
Alvarez, Hector North
Anderson, Cameron East
Anderson, Don West
Anderson, Hugh West
Anderson, Tim East
Arzich, Moira North
Aschenbach, Dave West
Athletic Training Program East
Ayard, Rocio West
Bainter, Jill West
Bainter, Megan West
Baker, Jessica East
Bargiel, Justin West
Barrett, George West
Barry, Shawn West
Bedtka, Courtney North
Behymer, Mark North
Beltran, Astrid North
Berntson, Alice North
Bierman, Stacy East
Biernbaum, JB West
Biggs, Devin West
Bills, Matthew West
Bingham, Shepherd, Lisa North
Blasi, Melissa East
Boaz, Alan West
Bocian, Rebecca East
Boelens, Justin West
Bonifas, Angela East
Boswell, Glenn West
Bouslog, John East
Bowen, Ellen South
Bowling Team West
Boyer, Emily East
Breece, Edward North
Brenner, Joe South
Briggs, Nathan East
Brooks, Phillip South
Brouder, Bryan East
Brown, Anthony East
Brown, Eldon South
Brown, Jeri South
Brownley, Wally West
Buchannan, Tara West
Burkdick, Michael West
Burke, John South
Burke, John Kelly West
Burke, Mike 'Modo' West
Butcher, Josh South
Butcher, Sharon South
Butler, Greg & Cindy North
Byam, Elizabeth East
Calvert, Jennifer West
Carpenter, Charles West
Carranza, Julie East
Carter, James East
Cavicchia, Janine West
Cherry, Charle West
Chester, Paul West
Chi Omega East
Christiansen, Dirk West
Cirricione, Karen East
Cisak, Kasia South
Clarke, Scott North
Clary, Jim South
Clawson, Roger South
Clerkin, Darren South
Coghill, L.C. West
Coker, Scott North
Collier, Sandra West
Colwell, Ashley East
Comerford, Ann East
Comerford, John East
Conlin, Spencer South
Conway, Alan North
Cornelis, Thom West
Cotte, Kevin & Jill East
Cox, Perry East
Cramer, Shannon West
Crane, Pat West
Cremer, Jerry North
CSP Class of 2011 North
CSP Class of 2018 North
CSP Class of 2018 North
CSP Class of 2019 North
Cumbie, Mick & Jamie North
Cuplin, Matthew North
Czarnowski, Jerry North
Czosek, Janet East
Damm, Kristen East
Dasso, Phillip East
Dearth, Dave West
DeGroot, Tom West
DeJaynes, Cassanda North
Delia, Hayley East
Delta Sigma Pi West
Delta Zeta South
Delta Zeta Class of 2006 North
Delta Zeta Class of 2008 South
Delta Zeta Class of 2018 West
Delta Zeta Xi Pledge Class West
Deyong, John North
DeZonna, Michael West
DiGirolamo, Perry East
Dillard, Kirk South
DiSanto, Jamey West
DiTulio, Jim East
Divan, Natalie West
Doherty, Patrick West
Donahoo, Drew East
Downin, Sheila West
Drymiller, Mike West
Dudek, Abigail West
Dukes, John North
Early, Cathy North
Early, Cathy East
Eddy, Julianne North
Eden, Deanna North
Eden, Rebekah North
Eichorst, Keith North
Eike, Ann East
Ellerbrock, Jamie South
Elliot, Justin North
Elsbury, Roger West
Epperly, William East
Epperly, William South
Evenhuis, James H. West
Fahey, John West
Featherlin, Sara South
Felciano, Kaeley East
Feld, Tara East
Finn, Kate West
Fitzwater, Carrie East
Flowers, Robert East
Forman, Marlene North
Foxall, Stacy West
Fraher, Patrick West
Friedman, Dave West
Fullriede, Bill East
Funck, Al West
Gamma Phi Omega East
Gates, Janice South
Gillett, Emily North
Goetz, Joseph West
Goldsbury, Cindy North
Golitko, Beth East
Gradle, Robert East
Gray, Amy South
Gray, Bob West
Gray, Sarah West
Grella, Pamela North
Gubbins, John J West
Hall, Rose East
Hallinan, Tim West
Hamm, Annette East
Hammon, Rob J. West
Hammon, Robert L. West
Hankins, Chad East
Hardig, Bob West
Hare, Terri East
Harmon, John North
Harris, Kirk South
Harris, Scott North
Hartweg, Kim West
Hatchett, Joellen East
Heathcoat, Jason East
Heatherington, Ralph East
Heft, Mike West
Hellen, Lisa East
Henderson, Tom West
Heritage, Lara East
Hines, Pam East
Hinman, Lisa West
Hockberger, Phil West
Hodyl, Richard and Charlene North
Hoenig, Angelica West
Holcomb, David North
Holman, George East
Homolka, Jeremy West
Hoon, William West
Hosteng, Katie East
Howe, Tim East
Hubbard, Charlie West
Hughes, Bill West
Hughes, Dr. Ben West
Hughes, Renee North
Hunter, Richard West
Hunter, Tristan East
Hurley, Tim West
Hyatt, Chad North
Inman, Michael West
International Friendship Club North
Isaacson, Dan West
James, Courtney East
Janisz, Michelle East
Janus, Laura West
Janus, Linda North
Jefferson, Leslie West
Johnson, Alex West
Johnson, Chrystal East
Johnson, Garry East
Johnson, Michael East
Johnson, Michael South
Johnson, Michael West
Johnson, Pete North
Jones, Darcie West
Jones, Haley West
Kapocius, Tom West
Katz, Ashley South
Katz, Nick North
Keller, Ken West
Kimble, Harvey West
Kipp, Derrill West
Klausler, Carla East
Kleinschmidt, Jim West
Knight, Tracy & Sharon North
Knowles, Steve West
Knupp, Jana North
Knupp, Jana South
Koltzenburg, Teresa North
Kowalski, Kelsey West
Kramer, Kaylee North
Krug, Betsy West
Kuna, Tom West
Lambda Theta Alpha West
Lambda Theta Phi North
Lamberson, Susan West
Lamberson, Susan South
Lane, David West
Lane, Herman East
Lange, Tom West
Langlais, Brandon North
Laning, Erica North
Lannon, Jim West
Larimer, Sandra East
Launer, Russ West
Lawson, Thom & Mary North
Lawyer, Courtney East
Leezer, Laura North
Leezer, Laura East
Leiby, Olivia West
Leighty, Roger West
Leisten, Gerald West
Lejsner, Michael West
Lessen, Rich North
Lessen, Rich East
Lester, Ann & Todd North
Lester, Ann & Todd West
Lester, Todd & Ann East
Lewis, Scott West
Liss, Bob West
Little, Chuck West
Lodico, James North
Lofgren, Rick West
Longacre, Fred West
Lorenzen, Michael North
Low, Alan West
Lowe, Erika South
Lowery, Christine North
Luman, Doug West
Macchi, Stacey East
Macomb Lions Club East
Mahaffey, JC Chris North
Maher, Michael East
Maher, Michael East
Manning, Bob West
Marckel, Nick South
Markey, Caleb North
Markey, Colton South
Markey, Paula East
Markey, Paula East
Markey, Paula West
Marroquin, Annette North
Marroquin, Annette North
Marroquin, Annette East
Martenson, Dillon West
Martin, Jen South
Martinez, Edward West
McAvoy, Ben West
McAvoy, Mike West
McCaw, Donna North
McCluskey-Titus, Phyllis North
McCormick, Bridget West
McElroy, Jeff South
McGee, Mary Ann East
McGrath, Pat West
McGrew, Alison West
McGuire, Mike West
McKenna, Jacque East
McMillan, Mellisa East
McNelley, Pat West
Meixner, John West
Merkel, Pete West
Merritt, Jeremy West
Meyers, Kathy North
Michau, Michael West
Miller, Chelsea West
Miner, Jim West
Minick, Al West
Mitchell, William West
Moehn, Tom West
Mokhiber, Peter West
Moore, Maurine East
Mortier, Jim West
Mortier, Jim West
Mortier, Larry West
Mortier, Mike West
Mortimer, Christopher West
Muehring, Larry West
Mueller, Jessica East
Mueller, Jessica South
Mummert, Darlos North
Muraoka, Tom West
Murphy, Denver South
Musselman, Shauna East
Myers, Mikebur West
Nardelli, Robert West
Nathe, Phil South
Neally, Joel & Vian North
Neidlinger, Bill West
Neighbors, Ada West
Neiler, Daniel V. West
Nelson, Brent West
Nelson, Frank West
Neumann, Kathleen East
Niemann, Tori North
Nishimura Sneath, Karyn West
OBrien, Thomas South
Ocasek, Timothy West
O'Kray, Matt West
Olson, Abram North
Omega Psi Phi West
O'Neill, Bianca South
Oster, Digger East
Oursler, Marsha North
Pamatot, Mel West
Parkinson, John West
Paulsen, Becky East
Payne, Brad & Sara North
Payne, Emilie East
Payne, Emilie South
Penich, Michael East
Phi Sigma Sigma North
Phillips, Jim East
Pirog, Dianna West
Polubinsky, Renee East
Porter, Paulette West
Pospeschil, Tom & Jodi North
Pumo, Breann East
Raaen, Don West
Rabin, Avrum Mark West
Rafferty, Tom West
Randolph, Daniel North
Raplee, Rebecca East
Ratliff, Jennifer South
Rausina, Gary West
Rebout, Chris West
Reed, Doug West
Reed, Shannon West
Reel, Cyle & Tiffany West
Reichelt, Robert North
Reid, Kendra West
Rhoads, Troy East
Rhodes, Jay West
Rich, Roy J. West
Robinett, Jeremy East
Roeder, Melissa South
Rogers, Nancy East
Roselieb, Deborah South
Roselieb, Joe South
Rudolf, David East
Runser, Paul & Courtni East
Russell, Ketra South
Ryan, Elena North
Rychalsky, Laura West
Sabo, Dale North
Salerno, Gianna West
Sammons, John W. West
Sams, Kay West
Sandell, Patrick West
Sanders, John West
Sanders, Pamela North
Satern, Miriam South
Savage, Brian & Linda South
Schimick, Kevin West
Schmidt, Adam P. West
Schoonover, Sue North
Schroeder, Steven West
Schultz, Donald West
Scott, Carol South
Scott, Christopher West
Scudder, Vanessa East
Sesso, Ralph J. West
Seward, Christina North
Seyller, Duffy West
Shade, Laura West
Sharp-Mette, Mindy West
Shinberger, Darcie West
Shipp, James E West
Shoemaker, Amanda North
Shryack, Ginger West
Sieben, Todd West
Sigma Iota Alpha East
Sigma Kappa West
Sigma Lambda Beta East
Sigma Lambda Gamma East
Sigma Sigma Sigma East
Silberer, Amanda South
Simonson, Sara North
Simonson, Sara East
Simpkins/Benson, Shirley North
Sims, Sterling (Brad) North
Sipolt, Michael North
Sistko, Dana North
Skien, Krista North
Smith, Bruce D West
Smith, Holly North
Smith, Holly West
Snyder, Audrey North
Sondag, Michael North
Soroko, Keith North
Sparks, Mitchell North
Spelman, Amy South
Spielman, Lee West
Stapleton, Stephen East
Steele, Aaron North
Steele, William West
Steenhoek, Lauren West
Steibing, Rachel West
Sterrenberg, Joe West
Stills, Aaron West
Stinton, Dale West
Stoudt, Dan East
Stults, Lin West
Sullivan, Karla East
Sutton, Holly South
Swanson, Collin East
Szajna, Daniel South
Szubrych, Jason North
Tau Kappa Epsilon West
Taylor, Margaret North
Taylor, Michael West
Taylor, Randy West
Teegarden, Jacob East
Thomas, Emily North
Thompson, Jackie & Dave East
Thompson, Justin East
Thomson, Robin West
Thorman, Sue South
Thornton, Patricia North
Tobin, Paul D. West
Toland, Matthew South
Tomaszewski, Paula West
Tomaszewski, Tom West
Toniny, Bob West
Toppert, Larry West
Torres, Jazlyn East
Trepac, Letisha South
Trojack, Kathleen West
Tutwiler, Gene F. West
Twidwell, Sarah West
University Union Board East
Uttich, Katherine East
Van Dolah, Jill North
Van Vleet, Carrie South
Van Vlymen, Holly North
Vancil, Pam East
VanMiddlesworth, Tiffany East
Vik, Susan East
Villa, Orterio South
Walker, Mack West
Walker, Mike West
Walker, Tammie West
Walters, Robert East
Ward, Melissa (Lisa) East
Warner, Charles West
Waters, Taylor West
Webb, Leslie North
Weber, Scott West
Wehrly, Dorothy South
Westen, Anthony East
Weymeyer, Carol North
Wickman, Luke West
Wickness, David L West
Wiley, Leyona North
Williams, Hazel North
Wilson, Mike West
Wilson, Priscilla East
Winbigler, Janice East
Winters, Geri West
Wissmiller, Brock West
Witter, Randall West
Witter, Randy West
WIU Alumni Council South
WIU Bowling Teams West
Wnek, Michael R West
Wochner, Christie North
Wochner, Shawn South
Woodward, Suzanne North
Yaccino, Frank West
Yager, Michelle South
Young, Titus West
Young, William East
Zeigler, Gary North
Zeta Phi Beta East
Ziegler, Larry West
Ziegler, Larry East
Zielinski, Lauren North
Zigterman, Amanda East
Zumwalt, Sara North
Name Location

For any additional questions about your brick please contact Ashley Katz at