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General Information

Western Illinois University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Western engages in numerous activities supporting this goal, including comprehensive training for police and disaster and emergency preparedness planning.

To enhance Western's emergency preparedness, the University implemented an emergency communications system. The WIU Emergency Alert System (WEAS) builds on current methods of information distribution and communication, and enhances Western's ability to quickly and reliably communicate with students, staff, and faculty in the event of an emergency.

The University will only activate the system for emergency purposes. In an emergency, WEAS allows University officials to contact the entire campus community via voice, text, and e-mail messages.

Western Illinois University officials encourage everyone in our campus community to keep emergency information current.

The contact information you provide for the WEAS database will not be shared with other entities, and it will be kept private and confidential. The contact information is used only for the emergency alert system.

Emergency Alert Contact Updates

  • Emergency contact information for the WIU Emergency Alert System can be updated on STARS (students) and MVS/WIUP (employees)
  • To access the screen on STARS, go to the STARS homepage and click “Launch STARS.”
  • Employees only: To access the screens on MVS/WIUP, go the the MVS homepage and click “Launch WIUP in a new window”.
  • New students are able to update emergency contact information as soon as they are admitted to WIU.