First Year Advising Center


High School Dual Enrollment is a great and affordable way to get a taste of college while you're completing your high school requirements. Advisors are happy to discuss possible course options.

Applying For High School Dual Enrollment (HSDE)

3 Steps to Apply

  • Fill out the application at (Click on "Additional Applicants" and select "Dual Enrollment" as student type)
  • Submit letter of permission from High School Counselor or Administrator
  • Submit official high school transcripts and test scores (if required)

WIU Email

You will need to use your WIU email and check it one to two times a day once classes begin. WIU email is the only way professors and Billing can communicate with you.

Parking On Campus

All vehicles parking on campus must be registered with Parking Services. At the bigining of the semester students are sent an email from Parking Services containing an online form to complete. There is a fee to park on campus. The charges will be added to your University bill. Parking Services will let you know when/where to pick-up your pass. For additional questions, please contact Parking Services, (309) 298-1921

Student IDs

Log onto STARS. Freshman/Transfer Student Next Steps---> Registration Information

There is a link to upload a picture so the university can make your student ID card. If you have any questions, please call  University Housing and Dining Services , (309) 298-2461.

Purchasing Textbooks

All students are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks for all their classes. You can order your textbooks through the WIU Bookstore. Please use the class' STAR number when ordering your books. 

Link to Bookstore (click on Textbooks at the top of the page)