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Western Illinois University provides a place for success for anyone who dreams of getting an education. We understand how challenging it can be as a transfer advisor to remember requirements and admissions information from so many different 4-year college transfer choices. This page is designed to help keep tools, resources, and frequently asked questions all in one place. Explore our viewbooks to learn more about WIU.

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Admission Criteria

Online application

Transfer students may apply up to a year in advance. The recommended application deadline is Dec. 1 for the Spring semester and Aug. 1 for the Fall semester.

Students must earn 24 or more semester hours (36 quarter hours) of college work with a cumulative 2.0 GPA for all hours attempted from all institutions attended, and be in good standing at the last college/university attended, for acceptance.

Students who have earned fewer than 24 semester hours (36 quarter hours) of college work must meet freshman admission standards in addition to the transfer requirements. This will require submission of official high school transcripts.

Transfer Student Application Checklist
  • Apply online
  • Pay $30 application fee (fee waivers are available - contact Admissions to see if you are eligible)
  • Send official college transcripts from EACH institution attended. Be sure to include all previous college transcripts.
  • Send any work-in-progress (i.e. class schedule or list of future term classes)
  • Send official scores from any outside agency (CLEP, AP, DANTES, etc.)
Undocumented & DACA Students

Course Credits


Western Illinois University Accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions all over the country. How credits are transferred in are determined either by existing course articulation agreements or through department review for courses in certain disciplines.

  • Articulated Courses
  • Associate Degrees
    • Students with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science from any regionally accredited college in the United States will enter Western with their University General Education requirements met and be guaranteed admission to Western. Additional credits from the AA or AS degree will count toward major requirements or serve as elective
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
    • WIU awards credit for AP exams scoring a 3 or higher
    • General elective, elective or direct equivalency credit may be awarded
    • Official exam scores are required and exam equivalencies are posted online
  • Dual Enrollment
    • WIU accepts credits earned through dual credit or dual enrollment programs.
    • Contact Kassie Daly,, with questions about transferring dual enrollment courses.
  • Seal of Biliteracy
      • WIU accepts the Seal of Biliteracy.
      • Credits are awarded in the language earned or in general foreign language credit (if WIU does not offer courses in the language of the Seal).
      • Credits are determined by reviewing the student's transcript.
    • International Baccalaureate (IB)
      • WIU accepts International Baccalaureate courses at a higher level and the standard level.
      • Students must earn a 4 or higher on their exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a student who might not meet admission requirements due to GPA what should I do?
A: Have the student apply with current information, or if completion of grades from a current semester will benefit the student have them wait to send these with updated information. If the new semester grades will still make the student below standards have them apply so there will be time for an appeal.
Q: I have a course added at my institution that I would like articulated where do I send that?
A: Email the course, course description, and any supporting information to
Q: Where do I send form 13's
A: Please email them to
Q: I would like to set up an on-site visit or special presentation who do I contact?
A: Please contact the assigned admissions counselor for your school. The list can be found at:
Q: Will you accept a D in a course?
A: Yes, we will accept a course in the transfer that has a D. The only exception is for English composition courses. These courses require a C or higher. If a student transfers in with IAI met or an AA from an Illinois Community College or an AA or AS from an Iowa school we have a compact agreement then a D in English comp would be accepted. *Education majors MUST have a C or better for state of Illinois requirements*
Q: I have a student who is in an AAS degree program and wants to transfer. What are their options?
A: A student can transfer with an AAS degree. There will just be more general education courses to complete on top of the major requirements and will extend the length of time to degree completion.
Q: I have an undocumented/DACA student. How should they apply for admission & aid?
A:  Students will need to fill out the transfer student application. Social Security number is not required. Students are also eligible for WIU scholarships and there is an Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid students can access. 
Q: Where do I find a list of online degrees?
A: All of our degrees are listed at You can click on the Online tab at the top of the page to see just online degree offerings
Q: How do I know how to find how courses from a community college will transfer to WIU
A: The Transferology site has all up to date course evaluation information. You can access this site at
Q: Where do I find a degree plan for a student?
A: You can access our academic catalog at or you can utilize the model degree program sheets on our registrar's page at
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