Undergraduate Catalog

Counselor Education and College Student Personnel

Chairperson: Dr. Holly J. Nikels
Office: WIU—Quad Cities, Riverfront Campus, Moline IL 61265
Telephone: (309) 762-1876
Fax: (309) 762-6989
Email: HJ-Nikels@wiu.edu
Website: wiu.edu/counselored


Alexander-Albritton, Beck, Brines, Brinser, Davis, Hancks, McLean, Nikels, O’Ryan, Wikoff.

Department Information

The Department of Counselor Education and College Student Personnel offers graduate degree programs for students interested in pursuing careers in the counseling or college student personnel professions. Specializations offered include Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Professional School Counseling, Student Affairs, and Higher Education Leadership.

Course Descriptions


445The University and the Student. (2) Studies the mores, membership influence, commitment, expression, and governance of the college community, characteristics of a college student, and the relationship of these to personal, social, and intellectual development

450 Workshop in Residence Student Development. (1) Examines factors affecting student growth and development in the university community, current problems facing students, and the use of group processes and leadership training in solving problems and facilitating community awareness.


433 Special Problems in Counseling. (1, repeatable for different titles)  Designed to provide a group of students an opportunity for further professional growth and to apply problem solving approaches in dealing with specific issues. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing, or permission of department chair. Graded S/U only.