Undergraduate Catalog

On-Campus Housing

Because living in the residence hall is such an important part of a student’s college experience, all freshman and sophomore students (defined as fewer than 60 semester hours earned) are required to live in a University residence hall. All exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing through the petition process.

Students residing with parents or a legal guardian within a 40-mile radius of Macomb; veterans with one year of active service; students who are married, or in a documented domestic partnership; or students who have primary custody of dependent children are exempt from this policy but must contact University Housing and Dining Services in writing to obtain an official exemption. All exemptions to this policy must be approved in advance by submitting a petition form to University Housing and Dining Services, Seal Hall. Freshman and sophomore students not in compliance with the University’s residency policy will be restricted from registering for classes and may be subject to the appropriate financial charges for the period they were not in compliance with the policy. Residence hall applications/contracts are for the full academic year for all students.

Students of junior and senior standing (at least 60 semester hours earned) may reside in accommodations of their choosing.

Western Illinois University offers guaranteed room and meal plan rates as well as guaranteed tuition rates for each new class of entering students. The guaranteed rates remain in effect for four years as long as students maintain continuous enrollment. The 2019–2020 residence hall room and meal plan rates per semester for new students appear below. Room and meal plan rates are subject to change without notice by action of the WIU Board of Trustees.

  Traditional Halls Grote Hall Corbin Suites
Double Occupancy $3,000.00 $3,475.00 $3,300.00
Single Occupancy $4,350.00 $4,344.00 $5,610.00
Super Single $4,500.00    
Super Double $3,300.00    
Meal Plan - a la carte $1,900.00    

Expected Expenses

A full-time, domestic, new undergraduate student with 15 semester hours could expect to incur the following expenses during the 2019–2020 academic year:

Expected Expenses Semester Academic Year
Tuition $4,441.50 $8,883.00
University Fees and Health Insurance $2,186.70 $4,373.40
Room (Double) and Meal Plan $4,900.00 $9,800.00
Total Tuition Fees, and Room/Meal Plan $11,528.20 $23,056.40
Other Estimated Costs Semester Academic Year
Books (estimate) $600.00 $1200.00
Personal Expenses (estimate) $1,108.00 $2,216.00
  Semester Academic Year
Domestic Total (estimate) $13,236.20 $26,472.40
International Total (estimate) $15,456.95 $30,913.90

Amounts are subject to change without notice by action of the WIU Board of Trustees. 

A cost estimator, which allows individuals to obtain cost estimates based upon specific student choices, is available on the Billing and Receivables Office website, wiu.edu/billing